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Style 1

NAME has found Mr. Right!

So let’s celebrate with a
Girl’s Night


Style 2

The day is drawing near
Soon wedding bells he’ll hear
So come and mingle
While Andrew’s still single!
NAME Bachelor Party
Drinks, Dinner, and Cards
Contact details


Style 3

Come join (bride’s name)
to celebrate her last night of freedom
with drinks, dance, and lots of fun.
Before she heads to the altar
let’s show her what she’s going to miss
after she’s married

(Day and Date)
(Venue with address)
RSVP (contact)


Style 4

Life will change for (bride’s name) forever
when she walks the aisle with (groom’s name) in a week.
So let’s give her a carefree night of fun
where she can let her hair loose and forget everything else.

(Day and Date)
(Venue with address)

Call or email (Your name)
to RSVP and for more info
(Contact details)


Style 5

The wedding is approaching closer and closer,
and our bride, (name) is getting more nervous.
Come make her forget about all the worries
with some girls’ night out fun.

(Day, Date, and Time)
(Venue with address)

(Your name)
(Contact details)


Style 6

We have organized a bachelorette party
for (bride’s name) in honor of her last night of freedom.
Let’s give her the right kind of farewell
towards fruitful married bliss.
(Day and Date)
at the home of (Host’s name)
Hosted by (Bridesmaids’ names)


Style 7

(Groom’s name) snatched her from us,
made (bride’s name) fall in love with him.
And tomorrow, they’ll unite forever.
Let’s give (bride’s name) one last night
of adventure and show her
what she’ll be missing out on.

(Day and Date)
(Venue with address)
Hosted by
(Your Name)
(Contact details)


Style 8

Let’s mingle with (bride’s name)
and get crazy before
she gets to walk the road
towards the happiest day of her life.

(Day and Date)
(Venue with address)

Given by

(Your Name)
(Contact details)

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