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At EWI, we are proud of our long-standing tradition of partnering with today's most on-trend calligraphers and graphic designers.
Take a look at our process to see how we bring great designs to our brides!

Each designer will provide their creative designs based on the current trends in the wedding industry.

We will showcase the designs on our website and you get to vote for your favorite. Let your voice be heard!

Based on your votes, only the winning designs will be exclusively sold on our website.


EWI is a leading online supplier of wedding invitations and has been in the wedding industry for more than 15 years. We currently have over 90K followers on Instagram, 120K followers on Facebook, and growing. Cooperating with us will give you and your business a wider exposure and bring in a world-wide customer base. This can be a great opportunity to express your creativity through our brand! Please email us if you'd like to join our team! [email protected]


Maria B
From Venice,

"My name is Maria, a self-proclaimed designer, with a wonderful teacher - my husband. Being very passionate about weddings, photography and paper products, with each design I create, I strive for perfection!"

"I'm Stina, a stationery obsessed font nerd, color lover and self-proclaimed graphic designer. I create wedding stationery for design conscious couples looking for that unique touch on their big day."

Stina Lindgren
From Jacksonville,
Jessica D'Amore
From Illinois

"My name is Jessica. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Styling is definitely one of my joys!
Stationery tends to have a long(ish) to-do list -- brainstorming, designing, proofing, production, printing--
so there is nothing quite piecing the final product together and accenting it with beautiful trinkets!
It is this sense of physical, creative accomplishment like none other!"

Michelle Wooden
From Chicago, Illinois

"My name is Michelle. My passion is to create beautiful custom wedding stationery!
I enjoy hearing what my clients want and making their wishes a reality.
Shuffling through paper swatches trying to find the perfect color is actually addicting!
My inspiration comes from all things nature and current design trends.
I like to incorporate watercolor floral elements into my designs but also create stationery that is modern and bold. "

Kathy S
From Independence,

"I started my wedding career creating floral designs and so with a true love of flowers. I specialize in designing a beautiful selection of wedding invitations with hand-painted watercolor florals.I'm excited to be a part of your wedding!"