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Formal Wedding RSVP Wording
Style 1
Style 2

Please respond by April 12th, 2021
_______Gracefully Accept
_______# of people
_______Regretfully decline

_______will celebrate in person
_______will celebrate in spirit
_______number of guests attending
We are looking forward to celebrating with you!
Style 3
Style 4
Kindly Respond By
September Tenth, Two Thousand Twenty-One
________ Accepts With Pleasure
________ Regretfully Declines
Please initial next to your entrée selection
___ Steak ___ Chicken ___ Pasta ___ Children’s plate

Kindly respond by the eighteenth of May
_____ Accepts ____ Declines
Please initial entrée choice for each guest
____ Herb Grilled Filet Mignon
____ Saffron Butter Cracked Lobster
____ Porcini Mushroom Lasagna

Style 5
Style 6
Respond by September 10
____Bags are packed!
____Will be thinking of you at home
Please initial next to your entrée selection
___ Steak ___ Chicken ___ Vegetarian
The favor of a reply is requested on or before 02.15.2021
Name(s) ____________________
_____delightfully accepts
_____regretfully declines
_____number of total guests
Casual Wedding RSVP Wording
Style 1
Style 2
Say “we do” and respond by August 1, 2022
_______We’ll help make your day complete!
_______Number of Persons
_______We’re unable, but hope your day is sweet.
Shhhh! Don’t give away the forecast!
Tell us by May 23
__ Yes, I’ll be there with umbrella in hand.
__ No, I can’t make it, my schedule is stormy
Style 3
Style 4

You Know You Want To
_______ Yes, let’s live it up
_______ No, and I’ll forever regret this decision
Please RSVP By September 10, 2021

Jennifer & Robert

____ Ready to eat, drink, and see you get married!
____ Will toast to you from afar
Please fill in each guest that will be attending
Please respond by September 10, 2021