Wedding Invitation Font Pairing Guide with Free Killer Fonts to Download

Hi, Invitation DIY bride, this is for you! If you are planning to create your own invitations but have no idea where to start or what beautiful fonts to choose, here are some helpful tips to guide you. Moreover, I also collected some of my most favorite fonts together with nice pairing ideas to help rock your DIY invitations. All the fonts listed below are free for use with download links provided.

12 Totally Free Wedding Initation Fonts Pairings

12 totally free font pairing to download for your wedding invitation cards

Links to Font Downloads:

 1. Stay Classy SLDT and Futura Book
2. Paduka Script Free Version and Sweet Hipster
3. Channel and Times New Man
4. Sweet Hipster and Montserrat
5. Oh Samantha and Cinzel
6. Mongolia Sky and Century Schoolbook
7. Ever After and Century
8. Bodoni XT and Lato
9. Amigirl Script and Footlight MT Light
10. Shorelines Script Bold and Candara
11. Scriptina and Centaur
12. Easy November and Bell MT

A Brief Description of Each Type of Fonts

Serif Fonts-Serif literally refers to the “tails” or lines added to the strokes of the letters. These types of fonts often have a more traditional look and feel.

modern gold glitter monogram laser cut belly band wedding invitations

Sans Serif Fonts-As Serif refers to the “tails” on the letters, San Serif means “without tails”. Sans Serif fonts have a more contemporary feel. They are also easier to read at small sizes.

modern champgne gold laser cut pocket wedding invitation

Script Fonts-These are classic wedding invitation fonts. They can either appear to be hand written or in a calligraphy style with various flourishes.These are often best combined with a serif or sans serif font.

boho navy and burgundy floral calligraphy wedding invites

A Few Tips for Using Wedding Invitation Fonts

1. Make sure the fonts you use are easy to read

2. Although, the number of fonts you throw into the mix is completely up to you. There is still a genereal rule is to make your so feel free to use as many fonts as you’d like on your wedding invitations.As a general rule, it’s a good idea to keep your invitation clean and simple.

modern glittery ivory and champagne laser cut wedding invitations

3. One of the easiest ways to make a great font combination is use opposite fonts. Oftenly a curvy, elegant text works well with a more structured font. For example, you can mix script fonts for the names of the bride and groom with a serif or sans-serif font.

Some ways to use opposite fonts:

  • Fancy font with plain fonts
  • Thick font matched with a thin font
  • Uppercase matched with Lowercase
  • Use Bold & Thin versions of the same font
  • Tall & skinny font matched with a short & fat font
  • Serif matched with a San Serif font

About Elegant Wedding Invites

Elegant Wedding Invites (EWI for short) is a professional wedding invitation card supplier who is aimed to produce only the highest quality products, which include design, production, and customer sales. Here you customize your cards free of charge, including font, color, and the wording.

The fonts for all the invitations on can be customized as requested. Why not have a try?

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Rustic style laser cut wedding invitation suiteRustic Stye Laser Cut Wedding InvitationsAs Low As $2.29

Chalkboard Wedding CardsChalkboard Rustic Wedding CardsAs Low As $0.94

                                      FLORAL LINE                                    

Marsala and Blush Lush Floral Wedding InvitesFloral Boho Style Glitter Laser Cut Wedding InvitationsAs Low As $2.29

Marsala and Blush Lush Floral Wedding InvitesMarsala and Blush Wedding InvitationsAs Low As $0.94

Burgundy and Gold Wedding InvitationsBoho Burgundy Watercolor Wedding InvitationsAs Low As $2.29

                                     GLITTER LINE                                     

Marsala and Blush Lush Floral Wedding InvitesChampagne Gold Glitter Tri-fold Laser Cut Pocket InvitesAs Low As $2.80

Marsala and Blush Lush Floral Wedding InvitesBlush and Glitter Gold Wedding InvitatesAs Low As $2.29

Burgundy and Gold Wedding InvitationsBoho Burgundy Watercolor Wedding InvitationsAs Low As $2.80

                         UV PRINTING LINE-NEW                           

Marsala and Blush Lush Floral Wedding InvitesSpring Pink Floral UV Printing Wedding Invitation CardAs Low As $1.69

Marsala and Blush Lush Floral Wedding InvitesClassic Black and White Chalkboard Invitation CardAs Low As $1.69

Burgundy and Gold Wedding InvitationsBohemian Deer Flower UV Printing Wedding InvitationAs Low As $1.69

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Wedding Ideas: Silver & Gold Invitations from Elegant Weddding Invites

Nowadays, many new couples love to add a little sparkling glitz and glamour on their wedding parties. There are exactly unlimited ideas to include this glimmering touch to your tasteful wedding. One chic way is to send out a gorgeous glitter inspired wedding invitation to wow your wedding guests.

To meet the big glitz demand of wedding couples, Elegant Wedding Invites have created her Glitter Invitation Category with invitations containing glittery laser cut wraps, glittery backers, belly bands, shining pearls and diamonds and etc,. Check below some our hot-selling and new launched glitter accented laser cut invitations and pick out your most favorite. Click the image to shop the invitation you want.

1. This elegant laser cut blush wedding invitation suite with rose shape laser cut pockte is from our 2018 new arrivals.  The invitaiton is perfect for a blush and silver color themed wedding nuptial. We also offer silver envelope liner to make your invitation envelope cohere to the invitation.

pink and silver rose laser cut glittery wedding invitations with glitter ribbon

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Trending-Dark Romance Moody Hues for Fall & Winter Wedding Color Ideas

Moody color often reminds brides and grooms of a halloween, vampire or gothic big day, but it is much more than that, it can just be a mysterious fall or winter wedding in dark shades. What I love most about moody hues is that wow factor when you combine rich and deep shades like blacks, charcoals, bold reds, deep burgundy, vibrant oranges and fall greens, with some sweet, soft peach, mauves and pinks. Keep reading to get some trending dark moody wedding color inspiration bellow.

1. Warm Shades of Fall: Burgundy, Orange, Rose Pink and Brown

Warm Fall Shaded Wedding Color Palettes including Burgundy,orange and dusty rose

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The Coolest Watercolor Wedding Invitations of Different Styles

the coolest watercolor wedding invitations collection

via Pinterest/via Elli/via Elegant Wedding Invites

One of the hottest trends in wedding invitations right now is watercolor. Why? Because it is pretty,easy,versatile and unique. For brides who prefer to diy, there is a plenty of easy and simple ideas for you to create your own personalized watercolor invitation, and it is also a great way to transform an otherwise simple design. Watercolor can be adapted on any wedding invite, whether it is calligraphy, boho, floral, modern geometric, modern or vintage. To help you get more details about the watercolor invitation trend, we are showing you some of the best watercolor invitations by style. Check it now!

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Trending: 20 Coolest Ideas to Feature Pampas Grass in Your Wedding

The wedding trend of Pampas grass was popping up in 2017 and as far as we see it is getting even hot in 2018. The tall fluffy, feathery, neutral hue ornamental grass are perfect for desert, boho, mid-century modern, beach style weddings. Here we will show you some coolest ideas to feature pampas at your wedding. Let’s get started!

1.Romantic Pampas Grass Wedding Ceremony Altars

pampas grass wedding ceremony arch and altar ideas

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Wedding Trends 2018: 10 Gorgeous Wedding Colors with Lush Greenery

It is without doubt that the greenery trend is taking the wedding field. From cascading seeded eucalyptus and ivy adornments to wreaths of myrtle and swags of fern, we have seen more lush greenery are used throughout the entire wedding planning process. Some of the brides even choose to have a full-greenery wedding party. The organic and natural greenery can beautifully accent any wedding theme and wedding color. If you are looking for ideas to incorporate greenery into your wedding colors, check the color ideas bellow!

1. Dusty Bluedusky blues neutral shades organic wedding color palette ideas for all seasons

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{Real Wedding} Brooke & Jake Blush and Grey Wedding at Fountain Head Country Club

Today we are showing you guys two of the most beautiful souls you will ever know and loving this blush & grey wedding at Fountain Head Country Club, especially the lovely details of soft pink with a few rustic touches and perfect summer succulents! BRITTANY THOMAS‘s captures everything in his lens, check all the wedding photos below and feel free to share the love story if you like it.Also check MarrylandWeddings for more details 🙂

Get Style EWWS064

Blush Pink Laser Cut Floral Wedding Invitations EWWS064


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Useful DIY Ideas for Crafty Brides: Adding Shimmer to Your Invitations

Hi brides, DIY times! If you are still not satisfied with the wedding invitations that you have bought or homemade, we are here to assist. Embellishing your stationery can be surprisingly easy and affordable. We have 6 simple and cost effective ways help inspire you to add glitter to your invitations. Shop the materials from Elegant Wedding Invites to create your personalized DIY wedding invitations.


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26 Inspiring Chic Wedding Food & Dessert Table Display Ideas

Dessert bars are wildly popular these days. A dessert table is a good idea to amaze your guests as a fun, interactive and delicious addition to the wedding reception. Once you have decided to have a dessert table, you should take the table as a part of your wedding decoration, and this is exactly what we’re here to help you with. The following are 26 attractive dessert table ideas collected from real weddings. Keeping your theme and your love for sweets in mind, and choose table decor for your own affair!

Cute Donut Wedding Food Display Ideas

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20 Trendy Blush & Greenery Wedding Color Ideas for Summer

What is the most frequently used color in summer weddings? I will definitely say blush, whether it is being used as a main theme color or a supporting hue. And to talk about those colors that can perfectly match with the shade of blush, we must mention the greenery which is getting huge in recent years. For me, greenery and blush combination can’t be more gorgeous! If you are planning to have these two colors in your big day, the following are the most inspiring ideas for you! Enjoy!

trending blush and greenery wedding color ideas for 2018

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