The Best 10 Bridesmaid Gifts Ideas

Bridesmaids play a very important role throughout the wedding. We love the tradition of giving them a little something special to honor their friendship and participation in your wedding! Instead of getting your bridesmaids presents that you know they’ll never use, think giftsthat would be useful for them long after you’ve walked down the aisle.We’ve got best the best 10 bridesmaid gift ideas below to inspire you!


Patterned robes make for pretty “getting ready” photos on the big day. Tulle and Chantilly, a professional bridesmaid dresses producer offers stunning floral pajamas robes too which are less than $25 each. You can buy more to get a cheaper price.

gorgeous bridesmaid robe gifts from brides

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Top 6 Burgundy & Dark Red Fall Wedding Colors with Matching Invites

As the planning for fall/autumn weddings are now in full swing! It is the right time to share our favorite fall ideas for autumn brides. In the following days, some of our topics will focus on the top fall wedding colors. Let’s start with Burgundy/wine/dark red, which is definitely a great color for fall and winter seasons, if you’ve chosen it – enjoy our color inspiration boards with matching burgundy invitations ideas bellow.

1. Burgundy and Blush

classic moody burgundy and blush old world wedding colors

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30+ Stunning Fall Wedding Ideas without Pumpkins

Fall has always been most brides’ favorite season and now the preparations for the fall weddings are in full swing! When we are looking for fall wedding ideas online, the most we get are about pumpkins. So today we want to share with our brides some different ideas which are without pumpkins and less rustic. You will be inspired by more vibrant seasonal flowers, leaves, and fruits in the decorating ideas below. Enjoy!

1. Flower Wedding Centerpieces
Fresh flowers and weddings go hand in hand. To make sure your fall wedding has the right “feel” go with warm tones and the look will be right on for an autumn day!

trendy flower wedding centerpieces for fall wedding ideas

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Trending-10 Gorgeous Wedding Colors for Fine Art Brides

We know fine art wedding photography is extremely popular recently. But fine art is much more than a style of photography, it is also a trendy wedding style/theme that more and more brides are falling in love with. Fine art style is classic and traditional, sophisticated yet modern, ethereal and above all intentional. It is great for a couple that truly appreciates well curated events that have high style, are nature inspired, and have an artistic vision. I put together some popular fine art wedding inspiration boards for you to get the idea clearly. Enjoy!

1.Burgundy, Blush and Dark Grey

Moody.  Mysterious.  Enchanting.  If these words speak to you, then this is the color palette for you.  And you may be thinking isn’t that a little “dark” for a day filled with love?  And the answer is no…it’s magical and can be done so beautifully, just like these pictures!

dark moody burgundy, blush and dark grey ethereal fall wedding inspiration with matching invites

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30 Trendy Geometric Wedding Ideas for Modern Brides

Our wedding topic today is geometric ideas, which are one of the hottest trends of last and this year. You can incorporate geo design into nearly every aspect of the wedding day, from ceremony backdrops and centerpiece holders to wedding signs and cakes. They are stunning for any décor style and color scheme: modern, boho, vintage, minimalist, industrial, glam, and so on. Love the idea of geometric wedding décor? We’ve pulled together some of our favorite wedding ideas below. Let’s have a look!

1. Ceremony backdrops

The entire reason everyone has gathered is the ceremony…you two becoming one, so your backdrop should be stunning and special!  Lots of photos will be taken here, not only during the ceremony, but for formal portraits as well, so you want to make sure it is a reflection of the theme of the wedding.

chic and stylish geometric wedding ceremony altars ideas

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8 Popular Wedding Themes to Inspire You in 2018 & 2019

The fact is you don’t have to have a theme, but to set a theme for your wedding is really a good idea to make your wedding planning smoother and easier. With a wedding theme in mind, start thinking about all the ways you can incorporate it from your wedding ceremony to reception, and your wedding cake to your wedding invitations. If you are going to have a theme for your nuptials, to inspire your decision, we have rounded up 8 most popular wedding themes from the net. Take a look!

1.Organic inspired greenery wedding

Greenery is the hottest thing since sliced bread and it’s no wonder why…it’s beautiful, a little goes a long way, and it’s AFFORDABLE!  When you are planning a wedding, an affordable option is going to be your best friend!

simple but stylish organic inspired greenery garden wedding ideas

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{Real Wedding} JAMIE & LISA: Chantilly National Golf & County Club Spring Wedding

We’re always so glad to share the romantic weddings of our customers and after we saw the work by Marirosa, the photographer didn’t skip a beat on Saturday just snapping and posing away! Also, you can find our laser cut wedding invitation style EWWS118 is so gorgeous!Congratulations you two and thanks for letting Elegant Wedding Invites be a part of your happily ever after!

Get Style EWWS118

Gorgeous Navy Blue and Blush Pink Laser Cut Wedding Invitation EWWS118

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Trending-Organic Inspired White and Greenery Wedding Ideas

The natural white and greenery color palette has become popular since the growing popularity of organic weddings. I love the simplicity, the romance,and softness of the combination of white and greenery. Organic white weddings are popular for any season, and they look beautiful with any greenery you prefer. Here we share white and greenery wedding ideas to get you inspired. Take a look!

1. Ceremony Backdrops

The focus of the ceremony IS the altar area, so why not go all out?  Plus, a lot of pictures will take place in this very spot before and after the wedding, so it’s money well spent!  A little or a lot depends upon your taste, but you can’t go wrong showing this area a little love!

inspirational white and greenery wedding arch ideas

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20 Chic & Trendy Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding with Flowers

It’s traditional, flowers are a key component of weddings. But more and more often, floral arrangements are being created with a natural base of greenery or wood in recent years. In fact, no other feature is more elegant and brings more romance than fresh greenery and blooms. To inspire you, we have collected some of the coolest floral wedding ideas to inspire you. Take a look!

1. Trendy floral wedding arch ideas

Whether it’s a little or a lot of flowers and/or greenery, a little touch of fabric or lights, there is nothing like a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony.  The bulk of your wedding day photos will be taken at this location so it’s wise to put some effort into this area.

trendy floral wedding ceremony altar ideas

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6 Unexpected Wedding Color Combos to Have Your Wedding Stand Out

Hi brides! Is there any of you that want your wedding colors to be different from most other brides who decided to have their main wedding colors in white, blush, burgundy or dusty blue? I have 6 unexpected wedding color palettes to inspire you.

1.Mustard Yellow

This is an unexpected color that makes a big impact.  One of the greatest things about this color is the amount of floral you will have to select from…it’s practically endless!  And if you choose gray, black, or navy for the men’s attire, it’s going to compliment the bridesmaids beautifully!

mustard yellow and greenery woodland wedding colors

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