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New Option for Acrylic Invites Fans : 0.02”|0.5mm PVC wedding invitations

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0.5mm PVC invitations

Hi, Birdes ! As you know, Elegant Wedding Invites  is professional on wedding invitations. And we have been working on developing new unique invitations for our clients to enrich their choices. We made it! We found new chance of the acrylic invites.

Acrylic invitations are deeply loved by young couples with its unique material and modern style. Now the more common on the market is 1mm and 2mm acrylic, EWI want to introduce the third option–0.02”|0.5mm. We also called it PVC wedding invitation.

Then, what is the difference for these three thickness acrylic invites? Check below, EWI will show you more details.

1. Thickness Comparison

You may not be sensitive to data such as 1mm, 2mm, 0.5mm, in order to let you see the difference between these three thicknesses intuitively, we have prepared some pictures and videos.


2. Weight Comparison

Different thickness, naturally different weight. To some extent, 0.5 mm acrylic cards are easy to tranport due to its Lightweight advantages. Previously, we received some complaints from customers that the weight of 1mm and 1mm acrylic is too heavy, resulting in a large increase in the postage. If you also have concerns in this regard, it is better to consider 0.5 mm PVC wedding invitations.

thickness comparison of acrylic wedding invitations 1

3. Bending Test

The smaller the thickness, the better the bend-ability, which also means it reduce shattering risk in transit. For 0.5 mm choice, you can bend it with only two fingers.

Simple Elegant White Printed Calligraphy Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitations EWIA042 2

0.5 mm VS 1mm acrylic invites 1

【Video here to show you more details】

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greenery frosted acrylic wedding invitation with UV printing EWIA014 boho blush floral Acrylic wedding invitation thickness 2mm with UV printing EWIA002 Blush Lace Inspired Acrylic Wedding Invitations EWIA041

4. Prices is on your Budget

Affordable is another advantage of 0.5mm acrylic invitation. Usually the acrylic invites will be more expensive than paper cards due to its special material, but the high price can put many couples off. Now, we think 0.5 mm PVC invitations are a cheap alternative to 1mm/2mm acrylic invites as all the design can be replicated from the expensive one.

Thickness As Low As
0.5mm $2.05/pcs
1mm $3.05/pcs
2mm $5.1/pcs

5. Frosted or Clear?

Frosted and clear material are all avalible, it depends on your preference. The little tips: frosted one is easier to read. Let’s check some pics and videoes, you will see the difference.

Simple Elegant White Printed Calligraphy Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Greenery clear and frosted acrylic wedding invitations

6. Is There Any Printing Limitation on 0.5 mm acrylic invites?

The answer is NO ! We can copy all the design from 1 mm or 2mm acrylic invites. Whether it is uv printing or screen printing technology, both of them can be applied to 0.5mm acrylic.

0.5mm clear and frosted acrylic wedding invitations

7. Is 0.5mm acrylic only for wedding cards?

The answer is NO. Elegant Wedding Invites can customize Quinceaños or Sweet 16 invites for your kids as well. Just email us your request, we’d happy to assist you with design.

Quinceanos or Sweet 16 invites

pink themed sweet 16 acrylic invitations

cute clear acrylic invites for sweet 16 ceremony



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