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10 Hot Wedding Invitation Trends You Need to Know for 2018

2018 wedding trends

As a wedding blogger, I love to research the upcoming trends that will take place through the entire wedding planning process. One of my favorite part of wedding planning is the wedding stationery. I’ve seen a lot of wedding invitation trends and every yearthere are always a few new trends that pop up and a few old trends that stick around, and the year of 2018 is no different. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at the following 10 most popular invitation trends that we believe will make your big day stand out in 2018!


This has a softness that can only be achieved with watercolor.  It automatically feels more romantic by the soften lines and colors.  And it doesn’t have to be a pastel palette to make this trend work…here are some pics that prove our point.

Shop the Style: EWI428/EWI424

watercolor floral wedding invitation cardwatercolor dark wedding invitation card

via Etsy


Yes, you are seeing clearly!  That is the awesomeness that is acrylic!  This can be done very, very modern or traditionally styled and it’s always a hit because it is so different and makes for a true conversation piece!

Acrylic foil wedding invitation

via Penn and Paperie

greenery acrylic wedding invitation

via Southern California Bride

3. Moody Romance

Bold is the key to making Moody Romance work!  Dark backgrounds and bold patterns really set the tone!  It’s a bold move to chose this style and one that will certainly make an impression.

artful watercolor wedding invitation

via Elegant Wedding Invites/ via Etsy

chic moody dark hue floral wedding invitation

via Etsy

4. Blind Letterpress

Blind printing is when there is no ink used for that portion of the printing process.  The pattern (or sometimes wording) is pressed into the paper to create an impression or a “dent”, this impression is legible even in the absence of ink. You can’t achieve this effect with any other common printing methods and it makes this oh so special!

blind imprint letterpress wedding invitations

via Paper Crave

5. Laser Cut Pocket

You couldn’t cut out a design with a scissors and get the detail that a laser can, so don’t even bother.  Laser Cut is so cool because the cutting is done with an actual laser beam and can make the tiniest of cuts that make for some amazing patterns!  This technique has wow factor written all over it.

Shop the Style: EWWS220

rustic wedding invitations with laser cut pocket and burlap knot


6. Calligraphy and Hand Writing

It doesn’t necessarily have to be done by hand anymore to create this look…and that’s the beauty of it!  It all looks hand done, but it’s absolutely flawless every time AND it’s a heck of a lot faster!  It’s an artform that has been replicated by computer and it saves a lot of time and money by doing so.

Simple white calligraphy wedding invitations

via Pipkin Paper

7. Minimalism Designs

A clean little pattern or design that is replicated in a different way throughout the stationery -MINIMALLY- is the key to a minimalist design.  This can be so sophisticated, trendy, or fun depending upon your artwork and how you use it. Just a little touch is all it takes to make a big impact. Whether it’s a swirl, a vine, a line, or a wreath…this little touch goes a long way in the overall aesthetic.

simple green leave wedding invitation

via Etsy

simple green leave wedding invitation suite

via Etsy

8. Metallics/Gold foil

Shimmer and shine is all the rage and metallic of all shades and foils (even more than just gold) is hot, hot, hot, right now.  It is an elegant way to dress up the invitations and make a statement that you better dress to the nines when you are coming to the wedding!  This wedding is going to be spectacular!

Shop the Style: EWWS204

luxury black and white wedding invitations

Shop the Style: EWWS146

blush and glitter gold wedding invitation

9. Geometric floral and Greenery

Geometric touches paired with greenery/floral is so 2018!  It’s a hot look for a boho chic, modern, or minimalistic wedding.  The graphic and bold aspect of the geometric print is offset by the softness of the botanical touches and it just “works”.

Shop the Style: EWI425

geometric wedding invitation with floral and greenery

10. Added Embelishments

Adding a ribbon, a wax seal, a belly band, a jewel…the list can go on and on, but adding a little something extra is all the rage for 2018.  It adds personality, textural interest, and a layer, which is always a win!

simple wedding invitation with ribbons

via SMP

laser cut wedding stationery with seal wax

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