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12 Hot Wedding Decor Ideas for a Dramatic Outdoor Tented Wedding

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top 12 tented wedding decoration ideas

There is nothing quite like a tented wedding that can ensure a romantic & intimate outdoor atmosphere, at the same time protect your guests from the elements. Tented weddings have no limitation to wedding locations be it at a backyard, country club, farm, and any event space with large enough grounds.  Sold on having a tented wedding? Consider these top things to help you create the ultimate tented wedding celebration.

1.Decide Your Wedding Style/Theme

Brides should have a solid idea of the overall look of your tented wedding venue—Classic, Glamorous, Modern, Bohemian or Minimalist? Once you decide your style, you can then start looking up for your wedding invitations as well as preparing for your wedding decoration.

3 Popular wedding themes for tented weddings

  • Elegant Classic Wedding & Invitations
  • Relaxed Rustic/Boho Wedding & Invitations
  • Royal & Luxury Wedding & invitations

2.Choose the Right Tent

The wedding tent is the first visual that your guests will have of your wedding, it not only needs to be practical but also attractive. Make sure that you get the perfect wedding tent that reflects your wedding style and your personality.


popular wedding tent types

Popular Types of Tents:

  • Classic Pole/Tension Wedding Tents

Pole/Tension tents are the most popular options. They create a peaked ceiling effect that looks super elegant and can be used to hang fairy lights, garlands and other decor.

  • Sailcloth Pole Tent

The translucent quality of sailcloth adds a beautiful glow to the interior space of the tent. It can add an effortless elegance for a garden or coastal style wedding.

  • Frame Wedding Tents

The classic tent is free-standing with no center poles, maximizing the space underneath. For a more traditional wedding, you can use a frame tent with custom ceiling draping to create a ballroom feel.

  • Clear-Top Tents

Clear-top frame tents are a popular choice for couples who truly want to let the outdoors in. Its unique look and style makes it really popular for modern luxury weddings.


3.Consider Your Tent Flooring

While grass is your cheapest option, to ensure a positive guest experience especially in grassy and sinking areas, tent flooring will keep your space dry, cozy, and intimat.Besides, it is also a great way to upgrade your event design and give your space the look and feel of a real venue. 

outdoor tented white wedding ideas

4.Make a Statement Entrance

A great way to give your guests a good first impression is to decorate the entryway of your tent. A decorated arch, some lanterns, or a large sign are good ways to bring that wow factor to your tent’s entryway.

elegant and romantic outdoor tented wedding entrance decoration
romantic and intimate outdoor tented wedding reception decoration ideas

5. Embellish Your Ceiling

Draping and lighting suspended from the ceiling of the outdoor tents creates an added layer of refinement to the overall design of your wedding tent.

  • Ceiling Drapes
  • String Lights

6.Focus on Lighting

Lighting is key when designing in a weddig tent, from the top ceiling, centerpieces to the entrance. The added feature will evoke romanticism and make for a soft ambiance. You have unlimited options when it comes to wedding lighting: chandeliers, string lights, candle lights, projection mapping, and more.

7. Draw the Eye Up Your Reception Table

Overhead installations are a major trend for teneted wedding decoration. Various hanging ideas like hanging flowers, pendants, chandeliers,and other decorative elements will draw your guests’ eyes upwards, allowing them to enjoy the full beauty of your tent.

8. Work With Natural Tones

Greenery is the most popular natural decoration for your wedding tent. It will create your wedding tent an ethereal environment—along with natural wood tables and chairs.

9. Add A Pop of Color

While your main colors may be neutral and clean, that neutrality opens itself up to utilizing pops colors. You can add a pop of color simply through table settings, wedding signs, hanging decorations, lounge area design and etc,. 

elegant outdoor tented wedding centerpieces

10.  Distinguish Bar and Lounge Areas

Wedding bars and lounge areas are becoming more and more integrated within a wedding theme, rather than just part of the venue space. They are created to break up an event space, provide an extra spot for photo ops, and tie together your overall design. 

stylish modern lounge area in a wedding tent

11.  Spotlight Your Dance Floor

Your dance floor will likely take up a huge chunk of your wedding tent. will not only draw help to draw your guests’ eye to design elements you want to showcase but will add a unique feature to your final photos

beautiful chandelier ideas for outdoor tented wedding floors

12. Disguise Unsightly Poles

Now rather than being an obstacle, the interior tent poles with refined decoration can enhance the whole wedding vision.

greenery garland deorated tent pole wedding ideas
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