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15 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas that She’ll Absolutely Adore

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Looking for a unique bridal shower gift? While we recommend sticking to the registry for wedding gifts, a bridal shower is a perfect opportunity to give something that’s a bit more personal—or something. can be used on the actual wedding day. It’s fun for the bride to be surprised by a unique gift that she might not think of for herself. Go beyond the bridal theme and consider the bride’s personal traits and hobbies when selecting a gift. Does the bride like to cook, play board games, entertain or travel? Whether the gift is useful or an indulgent, they’ll be sure to appreciate the sentiment behind it. To help, we’ve rounded up the best bridal shower gifts to show how much you love the bride-to-be.

amazing useful bridal shower gift ideas from bridesmaid

1. Personalized Sun Hat

This adorable gift is even more appropriate if the bride is heading off to a coastal honeymoon.

personalized sun hat perfect for bridal shower gift ideas

adorable bridal shower gift ideas with personalized sun hat

2. Bridesmaid-robes

personalized lovely lace bridesmaid robes for bridal shower gift personalized lovely floral bidesmaid robes for bridal shower gift ideas 

personalized lovely white ruffle bidesmaid robes for bridal shower gift ideas 

beautiful bridesmaid robes proposal bridal shower gift box


3. Mrs. Ring Dish & Initials Ring Dish

While your bride-to-be may never want to take her gorgeous new bling off, there may be times when she needs to. This initials ring dish is the perfect resting place for her precious rock, not to mention it makes for a killer photo op.

initials ring dish bridal shower gift for bridesmaid

Mrs. ring dish bridal shower gift for bride-to-be

4. Bride Straw Purses

Bride Straw Purses hand-lettered with “bride” make a cute gift idea for a bridal shower or engagement party!

cute gift idea for a bridal shower with bride straw purses hand-lettered with bride  lovely gift idea for a bridal shower or engagement party with straw purses

5.Personalized Champagne Flutes

Personalized Champagne Flutes are a unique gift idea for bridesmaid gifts! These glasses can be used for a wedding morning toast or bachelorette party too!

personalized champagne flutes bridal shower gift

unique gift idea for bridesmaid gifts with romantic champagne flutes champagne flutes with initial names for bridemaids at bridal shower

6.Bridesmaid Tote Bags

lovely bridesmaid tote bags for bridal shower gift ideas

trending bridal shower gift ideas with initial bridesmaid tote bags trending bridesmaid tote bags for bridal shower gift ideas

7. Wedding Countdown Blocks

No countdown is more exciting than that to your own wedding day. Help the future Mr and Mrs keep track by giving them these cute countdown blocks that also double as an anniversary countdown.

wedding countdown blocks for bridal shower gift ideas

8. Towel Cake

A towel cake is a perfect DIY bridal shower gift idea that’s easy to make, creative to give and a present the bride will love!

unique bridal shower gift ideas with DIY towel cake

9. Future Mrs Journal

Your BFF is going to have a ton of notes to jot down along her wedding planning journey, so this super cute journal makes the perfect gift.

future mrs journal note book for unique bridal shower gift ideas

10. Personalized Mirror Compacts

Personalized Mirror Compacts make pretty gifts for bridesmaids or any woman in your bridal party. Bridesmaids and maid of honors can pop these in their purses or make bags for daily touch-ups.

bridal shower gift ideas personalized mirror compacts for bridasmaids personalized bridesmaids mirror compacts for bridal shower gift

11. Miss to Mrs Bridal Box Subscription

bridal shower gift ideas bridesmaid proposal Miss to Mrs bridal box subscription

bridal shower gift ideas Miss to Mrs bridal box subscription

12. Wedding Day Fund Jar

Let’s be real, weddings are expensive no matter how well you budget. So why not give the couple a head start on saving with this charming wedding day fund jar?

DIY rustic wedding day fund jar for bridal shower gift ideas

13. Basket of Bedroom Games

Intimacy is a natural and important part of marriage. It holds couples together! Intimacy should also be a fun part of marriage, so why not put together a basket of game ideas for them to play together? Include some wedding chocolates or lingerie from an online lingerie store to complete the gift. This is sure to make the bride (and groom) happy!

14. Barbeque Essentials

Summer is here and grilling is a great reason to invite friends and family over for the evening. Besides a grill, you can put together a basket of essentials for those evenings. Every grill master needs a set of grill utensils, along with a variety of barbeque sauces.

15. Recipes

Purchase a beautiful recipe book that is blank. This is a great gift for those people who love to cook. It is a place they can write down their favorite recipes. To personalize the gift, write down some of your family’s favorite recipes to share with the new couple.

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