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15 DIY Wedding Craft Ideas with Tutorials that are Actually Worth Stealing

diy wedding ideas

budget friendly diy wedding decor

DIY weddings have taken off in popularity now, not only because it can shave some unnecessary expenses from wedding budget, but also it is the way for new couples to add some personal touches and give wedding guests a preview of how unique their wedding.  From rustic wedding ideas like lighted candle holders, to custom wedding invitation that mirrors the theme you’ve chosen, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite budget-friendly DIY  ideas that will fit into your big day celebration.  Get Inspired now!

1.DIY lighted Candle Holders with glasses and mason jars

Nothing is easier to make and has a more stunning effect than lighted centerpieces for wedding receptions. Let’s grab a hold of a few candles, LED lights,  glass jars, florals and start to create lighted centerpieces that will rock your wedding!

DIY lighted flower bottle wedding decoration


Check out these creative and affordable ideas to make candle and lighted centerpieces for wedding receptions. Light up your centerpieces to take them to an entirely new level! Above all, make sure the lighted centerpieces are a match for the wedding venue and your taste and budget.

easy and cheap ways to make lighted candle holders for your fall and winter wedding

Tutorial 1/Tutorial 2/Tutorial 3/Tutorial 4/Tutorial 5

2. DIY dollar tree centerpiece for wedding party

how to make an elegant dollar tree wedding centerpieced


3. DIY rustic twig candles decoration

Do these rustic twig candles remind you of a campfire?  IF you  love the the earthy, organic feel of the candles,  you can create some for your fall and winter too. For this project, you’ll need a couple of glass jar candles, skinny dry branches, pruners (to cut the branches), a hot glue gun, and some twine.

DIY rustic candle holders with wood sticks


4. A magical movable scracth card gifts

Surprise your friends by sending them this cool magical card. It’s always cool to get a card made by someone’s hands.It means that this person really thinks about you and shows his or her attention even in the tiniest details.

DIY magical scratch card gifts for your bridesmaids


5. Elevate your wedding invitation by adding shimmer Backer

easy way to add shimmer to your wedding invitations

Get the set of materials from Elegant Wedding Invites

to create your own wedding invites

DIY tutorial to add glitters to your wedding invitations

Shop the set of materials from Elegant Wedding Invites

to create  your own wedding invites

6. DIY elegant lace wedding invitations

DIY elegant lace wedding invitation with ribbons


7. DIY lighted hanging hoop for a boho them wedding

This DIY lighted embroidery hoop wedding decor  can be made with a cost of less than $15.  Besides weddings, this is also a versatile piece you can keep and add to your home decor.

DIY wedding hanging decor costing less than $20 for your wedding day


8.DIY Wedding Boutonnieres with faux flowers and greenery

DIY Wedding Boutonnieres with faux flowers and greenery


9. DIY Floral Ring Backdrop

Easy to do stylish floral hanging wedding decor


10. Easy DIY cylinder vase greenery wedding centerpieces

easy diy greenery Cylinder vase wedding centerpieces


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