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2023 Decor Trends | 25 Fantastic Wedding Arch Ideas For You Say “I do”

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fantastic wedding arches and altars

A wedding backdrop, arch or arbor is a very important thing because it will set the pitch of the ceremony. Wedding arches look great at any ceremony inside or out, and make a photo-worthy statement by framing the couple underneath. They come in many sizes, materials, and shapes that you can embellish with greenery, flowers, ribbons, and lights! Make your arch as simple or extravagant as you’d like by incorporating your colors, flowers, and personal touches. Here are some magical wedding arch ideas that will make say “I do” look as good as it feels!

fantastic wedding decor arch ideas

  • Floral And Greenery Wedding Arch

Floral wedding arches are the most popular ones because they are easy to make and look very romantic plus they fit any wedding style. It can be a square or a rounded arch, a wooden or a twig or even metal one, with florals and greenery or different kind, the colors of the blooms are up to your wedding color scheme or you just go bold!

romantic dusty rose wedding decor arch ideas with lush of flowers

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trending floral and greenery wedding arch ideas

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  • Bohemian Pampas Grass Wedding Arch

When it comes to wedding décor trends, pampas grass is a favorite of ours. It’s been trending for a couple of years now, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon! The tall, wheat-colored tufted grasses can often been seen growing along riverbanks and cliff sides, and have a soft, wispy quality that adds instant texture to anything from a bouquet to a ceremony arch.

bohemian pampas grass wedding arch ideas

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fall wedding decor arch ideas with bohemian pampas grass

wreath wedding weremony arch with bohemain pampas grass

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fantastic wedding arch ideas with bohemian pampas grass perfect for fall wedding

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  • Wreath Wedding Ceremony Arch

We love circular wedding arches that take center stage at a wedding ceremony. They are such a dramatic wedding decoration idea that really takes a wedding ceremony up a few notches. We also love that the circle symbolizes eternity, which goes with the idea of marriage lasting forever.

lovely circle wreath wedding ceremony arch for spring outdoor backyard wedding

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romantic beach wedding decor ideas with wreath greenery wedding ceremony arch

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romantic beach wedding decor ideas with circle greenery arch Via friedatheres

  • Boho Chic Triangle Wedding Arches

Most of triangle wedding arches are boho ones, so if you are planning a boho wedding and want to make a special wedding arch, pay attention to triangles. To make your triangle arch boho chic, choose a wooden or a metal arch and decorate it with blooms that you’ve chosen the wedding decor, pampas grass, feathers and lots of greenery and foliage.

2020 wedding decor ideas for boho chic triangle wedding arches

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a boho wooden arch decorated with greenery, fall-colored blooms and pampas grass plus candles in geometric candle holders

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a triangle wedding arbor decorated with bold blooms, dried tropical leaves, herbs and succulents for a desert feel

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  • Fashion-Forward Geometric Wedding Arches

Geometry has become a huge trend, and you can see it everywhere including wedding decor. It fits many wedding decor styles: boho, modern, minimalist, glam and others, and if you are choosing some edgy geometric touches for your wedding decor, start with an arch.

hexagon arbor arch with greenery and burgundy and purple blooms plus candles around for a fall boho wedding

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geometric wedding arches ideas perfect for outdoor fall rustic wooden wedding

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a polygon wedding arch decorated with greenery and tropical leaves, bright orange and pink blooms and tropical fruits

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  • Edgy Modern Wedding Arches

Edgy modern wedding arches are eye-catching, chic and can be made of a plenty of materials and with lots of different looks to fit your wedding. Metal, wood, paper, cardboard and other materials are welcome to achieve the look you like, and you may make the arch yourself.

simple fall wedding decor ideas with edgy modern wedding arches

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a modern brass cube arch with lush bold florals and candles and candle lanterns  a white triangle wedding arbor with lush greenery and large blooms at the base looks very eye-catchy

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a natural backdrop with a minimalist white arch and vases around the arch

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  • Macrame Wedding Arches

Take a usual arch and hang a macramé piece on it – here’s your arch ready! The macramé hanging can cover the whole arch or only part of it – it depends on the look you want to achieve. You may add some lush blooms and greenery on each corner, or only on one, on top of the arch or on top and one corner – there are lots of options to go for.

chic fall wedding decor ideas with macrame wedding arches

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a boho tropical wedding arch with macrame, lush tropical greenery and white orchids

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fall desert wedding decor ideas with organge ribbon and peach flower

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