20 Must-See Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

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These days, we have seen more creative ideas for a wedding guest book than just a collection of your guests’ signatures.  Couples are personalizing this wedding detail by transforming it into a fun and interactive, DIY activity that makes it memorable for not only the couple but also the guests!  The biggest goal is for the guest book easily translates to a piece of decor that can be displayed in the couple’s home, serving as a daily reminder of their wedding day and those in attendance. If you’re on the hunt for something that go above and beyond the traditional book, check out these 20 creative ideas for your wedding guestbook to add a little extra character to your big day.

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1. Jenga Wedding Guest Book

This idea is perfect for the couple that loves to host game night. A simple and fun idea to engage with your guest is to have them sign individual Jenga blocks so that you can put together your own custom Jenga set. Every time you play the game, it will bring back all the memories for years to come.

fun Jenga wedding guest book ideas

2. Polaroid Guest Book

Another fun guest book alternative is to provide guests with a Polaroid camera and ask them to each take a photo of themselves.  (Tip:  Make sure the polaroid camera has plenty of film.)  Wedding guest can strike a pose and then leave their photo in a scrapbook, together with their short message, for the couple to have as a keepsake for years to come. You can also have your guest hang their photos to be placed in a photo album at a later time.

polaroid wedding photo guest book ideas

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3. Signature Tree Wedding Guest Book

This is the perfect guestbook for brides that love to DIY. You can also buy these kits online if you aren’t too crafty. The purpose is to have the leaves of the tree be filled with your guests’ signatures. It’s a fun and interactive guestbook and one that you will sure to treasure for your lifetime.

signature tree wedding guest book wedding ideas

4. Thumb Print Wedding Guest Book

This is a meaningful guestbook that can be framed as wall art after the wedding. You can either draw a tree with lots of branches or order this artwork that you love and have an ink pad for your guests to place their fingerprint on the branches as leaves of the tree. The guests will sign their name over their “leaf” and this becomes artwork in your home after the wedding and documents everyone that was there when you and your fiancé started your family tree.

thumb print tree wedding guest book ideas

5. Wedding Guest Book Puzzle

Guests can sign individual puzzle pieces that come together to create a whole. You can keep the pieces in a box to be put together whenever you want, or frame the finished product and hang it on your wall to admire every day.

fun and creative puzzle wedding guest book ideas

6. Wedding Guest Book Wood Sign Board

Another simple guest book alternative is to have your guest sign a large wooden guest book.  This will make for a beautiful wall hanging in your new home together.

unique wedding guest book wood sign board ideas

7. Message in a Container Wedding Guest Book

Ask your guests to write a message of well wishes or perhaps some words of wisdom for the years to come at your wedding, and place the message card, paper or even stone into a personalized container that suits your wedding style. This guestbook allows your guests a lot of freedom and creativity with what they want to say.

unique wedding notes guest book ideas

blessing box for the newlyweds modern wedding guest book ideas with terrarium

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8. Guest Quilt

Another guest book idea is to choose a guest quilt. You would provide your guests with fabric squares and fabric markers to sign a message and their name and after the wedding, all the pieces will be sewn together to create a quilt.  (Tip:  Place the fabric squares on a clipboard to provide a firm writing surface and to avoid the fabric marker from bleeding through onto your table linen.)

creative alternatives to the old guest book ideas

creative rustic wedding guest quilt ideas

9. Music Themed Wedding Guest Book

If you two are all about the music, old albums or a guitar might be a perfect wedding day guest book alternative.This will be even more meaningful if you use albums from songs from your special dances like your first dance, father/daughter, etc.

music themed wedding guest book ideas

10.  Framed Wedding Guest Book with Wooden Hearts

Ask your guests to sign these wooden hearts and then put them in the wood frame. Many different shapes are available for both the frame style and the wooden tokens. Find one that symbolizes the two of you or DIY one that suits your wedding theme!

awesome personalized framed guest book

creative personalized framed guest book

11. Beach and Nautical Themed Wedding Guest Book

Want some wedding guest book ideas specifically for beach and nautical weddings?  Consider anything that may remind you of the beach and coast, like surf board, oars, stones,seashells, model sailboat, and a wooden anchor. And of course, the message in a bottle style would be perfect for this type of wedding as well.

beach and nautical themed wedding guest book ideas

12.  Champagne or Wine Bottles

Many couples choose to save a bottle of their wedding wine or champagne to be enjoyed on a special anniversary, such as their first or tenth anniversary. So, why not have your guests sign this bottle as a guest book?  And your guests will know that their sweet messages will be around for years to come.

wine bottle wedding guest book ideas

13. Signed Monogram Wedding Guest Book

If you want to keep things simple but you’re not a fan of the traditional guestbook, a monogram letter guest book will be a great option. These monograms will later become beautiful and nostalgic décor for your home.

simple and unique monogram wedding guest book alternatives

14. Map/Globe Guestbook

Write instructions on a chalk board asking guests to “Send you Across the World” by writing their names and a favorite world destination – what a fun idea AND it will create an instant bucket list for travel! You could also ask them to leave you some “Worldly Advice!”

unique map and globe wedding guest book ideas

15. Tree Wood Wedding Guest Book

A rustic wedding needs a guest book to match the theme and nothing says “rustic” like an old tree. Use large wood slice, burn, paint or carve names of Bride & Groom and the wedding date, have guests sign on the wood.  After the wedding, turn it into wall art or a coffee/side table.

tree wood weding guest book ideas

wood log slice chalkboard wedding guest book

16. Wishing Tree Guestbook

Place beautiful cherry blossom, manzanita, or magnolia branches in a pot. Make cards with ribbons attached and ask guests to write their well wishes or advice and hang the cards on the branches.  After the wedding, you can pluck to the advice cards one by one and read their sweet messages.

wishing tree wedding guest book ideas

17. Guest Book Serving Tray

This guestbook will serve as a beautiful accent to your coffee table and will be perfect to hold your wedding album and other special mementos from the big day.  You can also reserve using this for special breakfast-in-bed moments with your spouse.

creative wedding guest book serving tray

18. Other special guest book ideas

This is a time to let your imagination run wild. If you can sign it and it works with your theme or you’d love to have it in your home after the wedding, go for it!

special key and lock wedding guestbook wine barrel wedding guest book wedding ideas

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