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30 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For The Elegant Bride

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gorgeous elegant wedding hairstyles

Finding a wedding hairstyle can be tricky since there are so many factors to consider. Some of these factors include shape of the face, wedding gown, theme of your wedding, wedding jewelry, and the bride’s personal style. All these things affect the bride’s decision on what type of hairstyle she will pick. If you are not sure what your wedding hairstyle is, you are in the right place! Here are 30 trendy wedding hairstyles we’ve picked from this season.     

30 gorgeous wedding hairstyle ideas for the elegant bride            


Ponytails may be the best option for those who want a comfortable hairstyle. A messy ponytail can be a good wedding hairstyle that is very popular this season. Here are some comfortable, classy and unique ideas.

elegant wedding ponytail hairstyles with lovely bow

chic wedding-hairstyles side braid chic ponytail hairstylist

chic wedding hairstyles braid ponytail hairstylist gorgeous wedding ponytail hairstyles messy bun wedding hair

elegant wedding hairstyles simple braided hairstyle wavy long hair bridal hairstylist

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If you don’t want to change your classic style, updo hairstyles are for you! The possibilities with this hairstyle never end. You can do a high bun, low bun or a side bun even. Adding some texture by going the “messy” route still maintains the elegance you seek.

elegant high updos wedding hairstyle With extensions

elegant wedding hairstyles volume updo with loose curls

romantic bridal updo bridal haistyles

simple and chic bridal updo hairstyle ideas

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Maybe it is the first thing that comes to mind when we say wedding hairstyle. The low bun hairstyle can look beautiful on your wedding day. If you want to show off your wedding dress, the low buns are the best option. Add a braid or a hair pin and voila!

elegant low buns wedding hairstyle ideas

beautiful low buns braided wedding hairstyles

sweet updo hairstyles for shorter hair brides

elegant twist updo wedding hairstyles incredible wedding and bridal-low updo hairstyles


Loose curls will save your wedding day with its comfort. Keep in mind that it’s best to do this type of hairstyle when the weather isn’t too hot. Letting your hair down looks absolutely beautiful! If you’re not the “let your hair down type of gal” then you can braid it, bun it or even do a half up updo.

dainty flower adorned braid with a delicate boho touch

elegant wedding hairstyles volume updo with loose curls
punk wedding hairstyles ideas

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If you want to achieve a simple elegant wedding hairstyle but still add a hint of tenderness, add some flowers! Pick flower accessories that match your wedding colors to guarantee an effortless look that matches perfectly with your wedding party. You can go all out and do an entire band of flowers or you can ask your hairstylist to carefully place a few flowers on your updo. There is no right or wrong answer here.

elegant wedding hairstyles flowers in short hair flower crown curled hairthe most popular loose braid updo bridal haistyles with flowerstwisted vintage updo bridal haistyles for short hairs

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