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35 Inspirational Ideas To Make A Stunning Starry Night Wedding

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Starry night wedding has been one of the most whimsical, ethereal, utterly swoony wedding themes that I have even known. It is incredibly romantic to hold your wedding under the twinkling light of the stars and soft glow of the moon, whether the light is from the night sky or artificially created. To show you how gorgeous this theme truly is, I’ve rounded up thirty of my favorite starry night wedding ideas.Read on for suggestions on how to put together a starry night wedding that your guests will never forget.

1. You can either make a luxury starry night sky ceiling for your wedding ceremony, or simply choose a beautiful string lights or star backdrop or for your evening wedding.

starry night inspired purple wedding decor ideas

via Bridal Guide

stunning string light wedding backdrops

via Moncheri Bridals

moon and stars themed wedding ceremony decor ideas

via Wedd Book

2. You can create a magic starry night atomosphere both outdoors and indoor with hanging star shaped lamps, candle lights , or even a giant piece of artifial twinkling lights “ceiling” to reflect the night sky.

stunning moravian stars wedding reception decoration ideas

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stunning glactic lighting wedding decor that will make your wedding memorable

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hanging lanterns and stars wedding decor ideas

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gorgeous starry night wedding reception inspiration

via Daweddings

3. Whether your wedding will take place under the night sky or in an indoor setting, hundreds of twinkling  lights are a must.  A very pretty effect can be created by different sizes  of multicolor starry and glactic lighting disco lamps.They will dance and twinkle just like the stars in the sky.

starry night wedding lights decor ideas

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amazing cosmos sky star light lamp wedding party decoration ideas

via Dhgate

4. Create a starry themed wedding table setting with  a spakling sequin table cloth and constellation dinner menu.

starry night wedding table settings

via Brend As Wedding

beautiful starry night inspired wedding table settings

via Fab You Bliss

starburst themed wedding decor inspiration

via Ruffled Blog

5. Place these beatuiful starry night sky numbers at your reception tables

starry night navy blue & gold wedding table number ideas

via Etsy

6.Let your guests get a sense of your theme with a starry and galactic wedding invitation.

starry night wedding invitations

7.  Give some star featured wedding favors  to your guests

starry night wedding candle favors

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moon and star wedding ideas

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9. Let all your coming guest swoon over this stunning star nigh sky entrance heading to your wedding party. 

fairy starry night wedding lighting ideas

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9.Wear a starry inspired wedding hair accessory.

star bridal hair accessory

via Emmaline Bride

beautiful stars bridal headpieces

via Pinterest

new gold cassiopeia star headpieces

via Pinterest

10. Having a gorgeous shimmering and sparkly wedding dress perfect for a  “starry night” Wedding.

slittery baby blue wedding dresses

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beautiful celestial wedding dresses

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shimmering backless wedding gowns

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gorgeous blue glittery dresses

via Vogue

11. Take a romantic wedding photo under artifical moon and stars.

romantic starry night wedding photo ideas

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12. Decorate your wedding party with different shapes of moon and star lights.

moon and stars wedding decorations

via Want That Wedding

magnificent light decor to add a luxurious touch to your starry night weddings

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12.Never forget a star and galaxy themed wedding cake.

gorgeous galaxy cake for starry night weddings

via Lilsugar

beautiful silver star wedding cakes

via Love My Dress

12. Make some delicious and beautiful twinkle star desserts for your guests.

twinkle little star cakes for starry weddings

via  Karas Party Ideas

13.A starry night theme wedding definitely calls for star theme jewelry. A set of crystal bridal jewelry with sparkling stars and moons would be the perfect finishing touch.

gorgeous star wedding band

moon and star engagement rings

via Etsy

midnight star and moon wedding jewelry

all via Etsy

14. DIY some  trendy, stylish and beautiful galaxy or starry nail art designs for your wedding

galaxy nail art desgins for starry night wedding ideas

14. Use unique astronomy-centric  guestbook to match your wedding theme

an astronomy-centric canvas guestbook


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