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36 Fabulous Rose Gold Wedding Color Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

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fashionable rose gold wedding color ideas

Rose gold as wedding color is becoming more and more popular once again, gaining power with each passing year. The warm, pinkish-gold shade might not seem like the most festive color in the world, but that’s likely just because you haven’t yet seen all the ways it can be incorporated into your wedding. And today I’m setting out to share with you the many, many ways that you can use rose gold to bring those wedding dreams of yours to life! Take a look at the rose gold wedding ideas below and get inspired!

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1.  Utterly gorgeous breathtaking rose gold ring ideas

Rose gold is vintage classic and modern among engagement rings. Its warm delicate color will tell her about your feelings, and make her say ‘yes’. A top designer engagement ring in rose gold will be perfect for a romantic proposal in Paris. Roses and candles, a classical rose gold solitaire ring, the narrow streets of Montmartre… Tale as old as time to tell your grandchildren! This year top engagement ring brands go crazy with pear diamond cut. If your girl is into modern trends, she will have a lot to tell her friends!

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2. Stunning rose gold wedding appraisal ideas

Do you want your guests to be completely stunned in disbelief when they see you coming down the aisle? A beautiful bride dressed in a breathtaking rose gold dress, embellished with crystals and hand made satin flowers. Rose gold is everywhere this season! You can tie in your color theme by dressing your cute flower girls in a delicate rose gold dress or have your bridesmaids wear sparkling sequined rose gold floor length gowns. The possibilities with this fantastic color are endless!

stunning rose gold floral weddding dresses ideas

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rose gold wedding dresses and bridesmaid and flower girls ideas

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3. So amazing wedding cake with rose gold

This fall season, earthly textures are making an appearance and it seems it’s here to stay! Your wedding cake can have an organic feel with rough earthly textures that are glamorized with accents of rose gold. Whatever route you decide to take with your wedding cake design, know that you cannot go wrong with adding color elements of rose gold.

 simple and beautiful wedding cakes with rose gold top wedding cake ideas with rose gold and black

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the most beautiful wedding cakes luxury wedding cake with rose gold accents

4.   Magical rose gold wedding decor ideas for your biggest day

Accentuate your wedding decor with wonderful hues of rose gold! If you’re the DIY bride, you can easily get your family and friends to help you out by spray painting collected bottles with rose gold spray paint. Add some candles to the bottles and voila! You have yourself beautiful centerpieces for your reception. Another idea would be to adorn your table setting with rose gold napkins or glitter sequin table cloths. Balloons are another option that look elegant and won’t break the bank! A flowing arrangement of white and rose gold balloons can hover over a beautifully set dessert table and it also makes for great pictures!

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glamorous rose gold wedding decor & centerpieces ideas

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5. Some beautiful rose gold wedding invitations

Remember, the first glimpse to your wedding are your invitations! Your guests will get to see what your wedding colors are when they open your invitations. The perfect compliment to a rose gold wedding color theme are these gorgeous and elegant personalized wedding invitations.

You can go with a unique die cut shape that is paired with a glitter gold backing card which is then tucked into a delicate blush envelope. Or you can go full glam and surprise your guests with a laser cut pocket that hold the main invite along with your insert cards. If you’re more of a modern bride, you could opt to have your wedding invitations made from translucent vellum paper. The vellum can be printed with rose gold foil for a luxurious look. When it comes to wedding invitations, the possibilities are endless!

  exquisite spring pink floral layer wedding invitation in bracket shape with rose gold glitter paper backer modern rose gold wedding invitation with matching glitter paper backer and tag glitter & rose gold laser cut wedding invitation with pocket inserts modern rose gold wedding invitation with matching glitter paper backer and tag


6.Rose gold with other color as your wedding theme

Rose gold is beautiful on it’s own, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be paired with other colors. Here we’ve put together several examples of how to pair it with other bold and drastic colors.

For starters, it can be combined with a dark navy blue color that brings about a mysterious and ethereal theme. Use these colors to accentuate your table decor, wedding cake or your wedding invitations.

unity candle sets navy blue and rose gold wedding cake monogram navy blue wedding decor ceremony candles and wedding invitations

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Another beautiful color combination is rose gold, white and grey. Your fiancee can have an elegant grey suite with the perfect accent of a rose gold boutonniere.

top rose gold wedding color ideas rose gold wedding shoes cake and invitations

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If you really want to wow your guests, you can use black, lilac, and rose gold as your wedding colors. Mysterious, very distinctive, and remarkably unforgettable, this color combo will be talked about for years to come! You can incorporate these colors into your wedding cake, tablescapes, and even into your wedding invitations.

top wedding cakes decor with black and best rose gold charming rose gold rings and black wedding invitations

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