6 New Wedding Cakes Trends for 2013 and 2014 Weddings

wedding cakes

As known to all, wedding cake is definitely one of the most important aspects of the wedding reception or I should say the entire wedding. It stands royally as a main centerpiece while guests wait to get his or her share. So choosing the perfect wedding cake cannot be that simple. Here are 5 trends for wedding cakes to share with you 2013 or 2014 brides.

new trends for 2013 and 2014 weddings

#1. Tall/Candle Cake Toppers

new wedding trends for cakes with candle toppers

beach blue wedding cakes with tall toppers 2013 2014 trends 2014 trending wedding cakes with tall toppers

#2. Burlap Decorated

lace and burlap wedding cakes 2013 and 2014 trends burlap wedding cakes 2013 2014 trends

#3. Cupcake Wedding Dress

trending wedding dress shaped cupcakes cupcakes wedding dress shaped for new wedding trends

#4. Naked Cakes

naked wedding cakes with red flowers and fruits 2013 trends colorful naked wedding cakes 2013 2014 trends

rainbow colors naked wedding cakes

#5. Bling Bling

trending gray bling wedding cakes trending disney bling wedding cakes for 2013 2014

#6. Fabulous Ombre

fabulous pink ombre wedding cakes with green decorations beautiful ombre wedding cakes blue green purple

Image Credits: stylemepretty/snippetandink/disneyweddings

Meanwhile, it has been another successful year for cake toppers, with the popular rise in naked and simple cakes, it’s meant that toppers have been able to take the lead and shine on the big day. Click Here to see more topper styles.

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