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9 Beautiful Blush & Soft Pink Wedding Colors for Brides to Try

Pink Wedding ColorsWedding Color Palette

Among all the popular wedding colors, blush pink is the most commonly seen color that most brides like to use in their wedding. Blush pink is ideal because it combines well with many other colors such as grey, blue, greenery, gold, and many neutral tones. In this article we are showing all brides 8 pretty blush and soft pink wedding colors that are hot for the year 2018. Check them out! Kindly be noted that all the invitations included below are  from Elegant Wedding Invites.

1. Organic Blush Pink and Greenery

Pairing greenery with any color is a hot trend this year and pairing it with blush just makes it even more spectacular.  It’s soft, feminine, romantic, and looks lush no matter how sparse the greenery is.  Blush is great for attire, floral, linens, and stationery, so it’s also an easy color choice.  No matter the formality, blush is a great choice.

fall rustic organic wooden blush wedding inspiration with glitter gold blush invitation

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blush pink and glitter gold wedding invitations blush pink laser cut wedding invitation with glitter accents

Photo Credits: photo 1, 2,4 via Wedding Chicks/matching invitation from EWI

2.  Rose Wood Color for Fall Season Wedding

Picking warmer tones automatically leans towards fall and winter, but this can also be done in spring and summer, IF you have an elegant vibe set.  Nevertheless, rose wood is blush’s big sister…a bit more refined, a bit more grown up, and a bit more sophisticated.  Overall, rose wood just looks expensive and gives you the warm-fuzzies when you look at it, so why not go for this amazing color on your big day?!?

rose wood pink and blush fall wedding color ideas

Photo Credits:via Pinterest/via June Bug Weddings/via Ruffled/via Etsy/via Candice Benjamin/

via Desert Child Events

3. Blush and Light Grey

Blush and grey is the perfect pairing of sophistication.  The grey offsets the girly of the blush and the blush romanticizes the grey…so just like you and your fiancé, they are meant for each other!  And don’t think you have to stick with one shade of grey either…lighter, darker, glittery, silver…it all works!

light pink and grey classic wedding color inspiration with matching invites

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elegant blush wedding invitation with silver belly band and tag blush monogram laser wedding invitations

Photo Credits:via Bloved/via SMP/blush invitation from EWI/via Visca Wedding/

via EWI/via Hey Wedding Lady

4. Sweet Plum Pink

The key to making this color work is to not get hung up on having everything the exact same.  Variety is the spice of life AND it’s the key to making sweet plum work.  A little lighter, a little darker, a warm tone, and a cool tone, all work together beautifully and these pictures are the perfect example of how you pull this off, stunningly!

Lovely sweet plum pink summer and fall wedding color ideas

Photo Credits:via Pinterest/via Ruffled/via Brides/via Hoot and Holler 

Invitation from Elegant Wedding Invites

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blush,pink and mauve laser cut wedding invitations

5. Navy and Dusty Pink

Navy and dusty pink go hand in hand…just like you to will down the aisle!  It’s the combo of feminine and masculine that lets these two colors work together in perfect harmony. Choices are abundant for this color palette in every wedding category, so that also makes planning that much easier!

navy and light dusty pink classic wedding color ideas

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beautiful floral blush and navy classic wedding invites  classic navy and blush pink laser cut wedding invitation

Photo Credits: Photo 1,2 via Inspired By This/Invitation from EWI/via Hey Wedding Lady /

via Bridal Musings/via Graceful  Host

6. Bashful Blush and Sage

You may be thinking, “Isn’t this just greenery?”.  And the answer is no…it’s sage and that makes all the difference.  Sage is dusty, it carries a grey (and sometimes and even dusty blue) hint to it and it’s light and airy.  If you are wanting ethereal or whimsical, ask for sage!

Photo Credits: via Chic Vintage Brides/via Wedd Ceremony/via Elizabeth Anne Designs/

via Project Wedding/Blush Invitation from EWI/via Rustic Wedding Chic

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elegant blush pink wedding invitations blush pink lace UV printing wedding invites

7. Peachy, Blush and Burgundy

This color combo is wonderful because you don’t have to pick just one…they are beautiful together!  And if you decide that one shows up a bit stronger in your color planning game, that’s fine too!  A little or a lot of both or one or the other is A-Okay!

Stunning blush and burugundy fall wedding color trend for 2018

Photo Credits:Burgundy Inivtation from EWI/via Love My Dress/via June Bug Weddings/

from June Bug Weddings via EWI

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affordable burgundy wedding invitation cards  beautiful burgundy and blush wedding invitation

8. Dusty Rose and Serenity Blue

Just like Navy and Blush, these colors balance the masculine and feminine, but they do it a lot softer!  Think of both of these colors in terms of pastels, but turn the dial to warm tones, and you’ve nailed it.  Choices are abundant and even if you pick one of these two to be more predominate, you can’t go wrong.

beautiful dusty rose and serenity blue summer and spring wedding colors

Photo Credits:via Fab Mood/via SMP/via SMP/via Pinterest/Invitation from EWI/

via Snippet and Ink

from June Bug Weddings via EWI

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blush and blue watercolor wedding invitation cards

9. Pink and Lavender

The key to success is to add it different shades of both of these colors.  If you get stuck in one shade of pink and one shade of lavender, it’s not only going to limit you, it’s going to look blotchy, and no one wants that on their big day.  Floral is abundant in these colors so you a guaranteed to have choices, and isn’t that a perk?

summer time blush and lavender lovely princess wedding colors

Photo Credits: via  Belle the Magazine/via SMP/invitation from EWI/via SMP/

via Instagram/via Foraged Floral/

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affordable purple flower watercolor wedding invitations exquisite watercolor flower lace pocket wedding invitation kits

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