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Acrylic Wedding Sign Customization Real Examples-2: Layout Change

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Each of our wedding signs can be printed in two orientations-horizontal and vertical, so as to match your wording or photo with the wedding sign board. Therefore you don’t have to worry about once you pick a horizational sign design. Just send us your requirement for a vertical layout through email, then we will have your wanted print out.

Below is our customer Hannah ‘s  customization order of layout change so that you will know how easy and simple this customization is.

Real Example: Layout Change

Item : Wedding Welcome Sign

Original Design Code:   EWSG006 >>

Customization: change horizontal layout to vertical style, the wording layout


Horizontal wedding sign proof  vertical sign proof

{1st Proof: Horizontal VS  Final Proof :Vertical}


Email Records of the Customization Order

The whole process of communication went on very smoothly. It took less than 2 days to have the second also the final proof confirmed by Hannah. She was very satisfied when the new layout came out.

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Machtchd Weddign Sign Package for EWSG006

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