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7 Stunning Blue and Gold Wedding Inspiration for the Regal 2023 Bride

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7 Stunning Blue and Gold Wedding Inspirations for the Regal 2023 Bride

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Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, and it deserves to be nothing short of amazing! From the moment you set the date, you begin to envision your perfect day. If you’re planning a regal and elegant wedding for 2023, blue and gold is the perfect color combination for you. Not only will it make your wedding truly stand out, but it also has a timeless and regal quality that will ensure your memories last a lifetime. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with seven stunning blue and gold wedding inspirations that will make your big day unforgettable.


Start by setting the tone for your regal wedding with blue and gold invitations. Consider using metallic gold lettering on navy blue cardstock or incorporate gold foil accents for a touch of luxury. Opt for a calligraphic script or elegant font to add sophistication. Make sure to include all necessary information for your guests, such as the date, time, location, and dress code.

Bridal Attire

For the ultimate regal bride look, consider a gold-embellished ballgown with a navy blue sash or add some sparkle with a gold sequined gown. For a more subtle look, add a touch of blue with a sapphire necklace or earrings. Accessorize with gold or blue shoes, and don’t forget a dramatic veil or headpiece.


Flowers are an essential part of any wedding, and blue and gold florals are a beautiful way to incorporate the color scheme into your wedding decor. Consider a bouquet of yellow and blue wildflowers, or centerpieces of blue hydrangeas and golden roses. Experiment with different textures and shapes to create a unique and memorable look.

Table Settings

Your guests will be spending a lot of time at the reception table, so it’s important to create a sophisticated and elegant look. Use navy blue tablecloths with gold chargers and gold-rimmed dinner plates. Add blue and gold floral centerpieces or gold candelabras for a touch of romance. Consider incorporating blue and gold napkins, place cards, or menus for a cohesive look.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is often the centerpiece of the reception, so make sure it’s a showstopper! Gold accents on a navy blue cake make for a stunning and regal dessert. Consider adding gold leaf accents or intricate gold piping to a navy blue cake. Top it off with fresh blue and gold flowers or a personalized cake topper.

Venue Decor

Transform your venue into a regal wonderland with blue and gold decor. Use navy blue uplighting and gold chandeliers or incorporate blue and gold draping for a luxurious feel. Consider adding blue and gold lounge furniture or a photo booth backdrop for guests to take memorable snapshots.

Wedding Favors

Send your guests home with a reminder of your beautiful day. Consider blue and gold macarons, personalized gold keychains with blue tassels, or miniature bottles of blue and gold liqueur. Make sure to package them in a way that matches your wedding theme and adds a special touch.

A blue and gold wedding is the perfect way to add some regal elegance to your 2023 wedding. From invitations to wedding favors, incorporating blue and gold into your wedding decor will create an unforgettable and luxurious atmosphere. Use these seven inspirations as a starting point to make your big day truly unforgettable. Remember to add your personal touch and make it a reflection of you and your partner’s unique love story. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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