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pocket wedding invitations

Every girl has dreamed of her wedding day since she was just a little girl. So when it actually comes time to get married there is already a ton of stress to live up to the expectations that she has built up in her mind. The stress will get worse as the reality of a budget starts to set when starting planning the wedding. She has to find those affordable but good quality necessities including wedding invitations, wedding dresses, wedding supplies and etc. Here can meet her requirements, which provides hundreds of cheap wedding invitations with high quality. Today let’s have a look at their pocket wedding invitations.

Beach Blue Pocket Wedding InvitationsBeach Blue Pocket Wedding Invitations

Elegant Gold Pocket Wedding InvitationsElegant Gold Pocket Wedding Invitations

Purple and Blue Pocket Wedding InvitesPurple and Blue Pocket Wedding Invites

Low Costs has been applying itself to providing wedding invitations and other wedding stationery with high quality and affordable price. Brides can get their flat wedding invitation cards with the price of as low as $0.94, while the pocket wedding invitations price is as low as $1.59. Here is the price list of their Pocket Wedding Invites.

pocket wedding invitation price

High Quality Pockets

Pocket wedding invitations successfully bring a very classic and high quality look to any invitation. has two styles pockets which has different sizes with 6 colors.

wedding invitation pockets style A

wedding invitation pockets style B


The seals are the finishing touch for the entire wedding invitation samples, which ties everything together and completes the overall look of the invites, containing the initials, names of the bride and the groom.

green and orange sunflower wedding invitation sealgreen and orange sunflower wedding invitation seal

blue pocket wedding invitation sealblue pocket wedding invitation seal

purple pocket wedding invitation sealpurple pocket wedding invitation seal


Finished Invitations

The finished entire pocket wedding invitations will be sure to surprise your guests and set the stunning tone for your big day.

vintage purple pocket wedding invitesvintage purple pocket wedding invites

purple vintage pocket wedding invitation cardspurple vintage pocket wedding invitation cards


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