Choose Christmas Themed Wedding For Your Big Day (Parte Two)

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Because it is the festive season, you have to pay more attention select your wedding invitation card. You should make sure that it is not mistaken for a Christmas greeting card. The Christmas Cheap  Wedding Invitations have to be sent early, so that your family and friends can have more time for making required arrangements. You can follow these tips for making your invitation card more apt to the occasion.

You can use a photograph of the couple in the invitation card. It can give a personal feel. It will also decrease the probability of your invitation being mistaken as a Christmas greeting card.

If you have chosen for a folded invitation card, the theme of wedding can be expressed on the cover page. Let the theme of Christmas placed in the inner fold of the card.

In personalized cards, you can use the edges to show the mood of Christmas.

The boundary can be of winter flowers, small bells and Santa’s cap. The middle section can reflect the glamor of wedding.

You can use golden color for the prints on the card.

You can make the wrapper attractive by using some luminous colors, by binding baubles like a ribbon made flower or small bells to the card. You must use thick hand-made parchment paper for the wrapper.


Christmas Wedding Invites can be personalized holiday cards or any winter wedding invitation with embossed snowflakes, a pair of jingle bells, or a classic winter scene. An enfolded lined with red or green adds a luxury touch to the invitation.

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Dresses for a Christmas wedding should reflect the season with dresses heavier fabrics such as brocades, velvet, and satin. Fur trim is popular, and many Christmas brides choose a white, fur-lined cape as well. White tuxedos are popular, and bridesmaids may carry fur muffs instead of flowers.


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