Choose Your Prizes for the Soon Coming Giveaway at

Hello, dear friends. We’re excited to announce that there’s a GIVEAWAY on Jan. 14th at As for the giveaway prizes, we need your help to choose the final ones. The following are the prizes and will you please choose three of your favorite ones? But beyond that we’re totally open to all the other prize ideas, just let us know:)

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1. Favor Bags

favor bags

2. Tasteful Temporary Tattoos

Tasteful Temporary Tattoos

3. Vintage Lace Bridal Hand Chains

vintage lace bridal hand chain

4. Vintage Key Chains

vintage key chain

5. Colorful Pencil Sets

colorful pencil sets

6. Diy Wedding Decorations

diy wedding decorations

7. $30 Credit to for Wedding Dresses

vintage lace wedding dresses

8. Guest Books

guest books

9. Gorgeous Earings


10. Custom Alphabet Necklaces

alphabet necklace

11. Bridal Veils

bridal veils

12. Wax Seals

wax seal

Please be noted that all the amount of the prizes have not been determined yet. Anyway, we need your ideas. Please take the poll and help us to choose the final prizes. Oh, do remember to check out the GIVEAWAY on Jan. 14th 

[yop_poll id=”2″ tr_id=”giveaway”]

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