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10 Creative Ideas to Update Your Acrylic Wedding Signs in 2021

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creative acrylic wedding sign ideas

As wedding bloggers, we love to discocer new wedding trends for each year, and one big decoration trend that we know for sure in 2021 could still be clear acrylic. Whether it is used for your wedding invitations or wedding signs, the clean and sleek material has made itself a crazy-modern, super-chic medium for our wedding world. As for wedding signs, we love the idea of using them for wedding welcome sign, table numbers and bar menus, as well as dinner menus. Excited to know how acrylic is used throughout a number of different wedding aesthetics in the seasons ahead?  Check out some cool and creative ideas we have collected for you to make your acrylic sign a big swoon in 2021!

1. Different Shapes

foil printed forsted acrylic wedding bar display unique arch shape frosted acrylic wedding welcome signgarden inspired modern wedding sign ideas with pink flowers

unique beach side destination wedding seating board

2. Painted and Flower Designs

vibrant color painted signature crinks wedding sign

Click the images for more details about  Flower Wedding Signs

popular burgundy acrylic wedding table numbers

boho chic burgundy flower acrylic wedding welcome signs pink flowers acrylic wedding signs

3. Watercolor Brush & Stroke

colorful hand painted acrylic menu card ideas

teal blue color brush cards and gifts wedding signs


frosted acrylic signature cocktail wedding sign

5.Foil and Glitter Calligraphy

acrylic unplugged ceremony sign with foil printing

Click the image for more details about  the Foil Table Card

rose gold glitter script acrylic wedding table number

6.Fresh Flower Decoration

clear acrylic wedding seating chart decorated with white flowers

stunning modern boho style brush stroke painted wedding signs

7.Hanging Signs

modern chic frosted acrylic wedding seating chart

8. Acrylic/Lucite Box Signs

gorgeous acrylic welcome sign filled with fresh blossoms

9. Romantic Sheer chiffon Cover

romantic acrylic wedding seating chart for a micro wedding

elegant lucite and acrylic wedding welcome sign with grey drapery

10.Mixed Plates

unique modern city wedding sign and backdrop ideas

modern rustic and boho chic mixed theme acrylic wedding signs


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