Difference of Modern And Classic Wedding invitations

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Choosing a classical or modern wedding invitation sounds like a trivial subject. But if you wish to make everything perfect for your wedding, it is an important thing. The invitations are the first thing that you set your guests mood, even you couples. You can make your guests to share your happiness. So, if you are confused to choose which invitation, the contemporary invitations or the classical invitations, then here we can help you. To know the difference between modern and classical wedding invitation is necessary and helpful.

Modern Wedding Invitations

Here is an example of Modern wedding from stylemepretty

butterfly wedding invitations

This kind of invitation is available in all colors, designs, shapes and sizes. There are no limitations for creativity. For a causal wedding affair, a modern wedding invitation is the perfect choice. It could complement all those weddings that are arranged on beach or other theme weddings. Basically, it is for those who do not want to hold generic concept of invitation. These invitations are more vibrant in every sense of the word – the text, the colors, the designs, the theme or the paper.

The invitations do not miss the important information such as the day and date and venue of the wedding. The paper used could be a combination of two colors and it could be in any shape. Additionally, in a modern invitation you can use a variety of fonts. It is not required to stick to any one font throughout. It sets an informal tone. The color combination, the bold shapes & sizes are beyond the conventional invitations.

Classical Wedding Invitations

classic wedding invitation

Most people still consider the classical or traditional wedding invitations for the formal wedding. White or ivory or ecru paper is used for printing classic invitations. And elegant and yet eligible script is used as the text of these invitations. The text used is direct and simple. It is a formal invitation for the guests and nothing beyond is used. Engraving is the printing technique mostly used for this kind of invitations, because it gives people impressions more elegant.

All the elements of traditional wedding invitations reflect the years-old traditions associated with the wedding process. However, you can find a little change in these invitations. The gold or silver leaves can be used in the main invitations. And other subjects can be used such as ribbons or flowers. They are used in the way that submerge with the background, so do not look gaudy or out of the place. The words may start from the couple’s parents and include other vital information. If required, a sentence about the reception could be added to this


A classic wedding invitation makes use of the state-of-the-art traditional way of inviting the guests. It is formal and maintains elegance.

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