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DIY Acrylic Wedding Invitation Ideas

Acrylic wedding invitationswedding ideas

DIY Acrylic Wedding Invitation Ideas

The new wedding invitation trends say that the edge acrylic trend is here to stay. If you two lovebirds are big fans of ultra-modern design, acrylic stationery is undoubtedly the perfect option that is go beyond that traditional invitation.
With acrylic, you are able to customize your invites in many exciting ways, with any gorgeous color and stunning etchings such as floral designs and foil printings.
BUT it far more than these! Here let us show you how to bring the acrylic invitation trend to a higher level with some cool diy ideas below. Read on and get inspired!

1. DIY Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Laser Cut Wrap

For a sophisticated and intricate look, consider using a laser cutter to create a beautifully designed wrap for your acrylic wedding invitation. Wrap the acrylic invitation with this laser-cut wrap, securing it with adhesive. This combination of acrylic and a laser-cut wrap adds a touch of elegance to your invitations.

Modern Luxury Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Burgundy Velvet Backing and Laser Cut Cover EWPA009

Elegant Emerald Green Wedding Invitation Suite with Floral Acrylic Card EWPA011

2. DIY Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Wrap

Vellum is a semi-transparent paper that creates a soft and romantic effect. To incorporate vellum into your acrylic wedding invitation, print your invitation elements on the vellum paper. The vellum wrap adds a dreamy and ethereal feel to your invitation, while the acrylic sheet adds a modern touch.

Elegant White Floral Geometric Acrylic Wedding Invitations with Vellum Jacket EWPA026

Elegant Greenery Acrylic Wedding Invitations with Vellum Jacket EWPA022

Elegant White Floral Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Jacket EWPA006

Luxury Modern Gold Leaf Clear Acrylic Wedding Invites With Gold Foil Vellum Jacket EWPA028

3. DIY Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Pocket

Adding a pocket to your acrylic wedding invitation allows you to include additional inserts, such as RSVP cards, accommodation information, or reception details. This practical design element keeps all the necessary information neatly organized and easily accessible for your guests.

Modern Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitation Suite with Gold Lettering and Black Glitter Pocket EWPA008

Elegant Gold Acrylic Wedding Invites with Emerald Green Velvet Pocket EWPA045

4. DIY Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Belly Band/Ribbon/Paper Backer

Adding a belly band, ribbon, or paper backer to your acrylic invitation adds a touch of elegance and helps hold all the invitation components together. Experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns to achieve the desired look.

Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Belly BandRibbonPaper Backer

A belly band can be a strip of decorative paper or fabric that wraps around the invitation suite to keep it secure. A ribbon can be tied around the invitation like a bow, adding a pop of color. A paper backer is a layer of cardstock or metallic paper that sits behind the acrylic sheet, providing a beautiful backdrop for your invitation design.

DIY acrylic wedding invitations offer endless opportunities for creativity and personalization. Whether you choose to incorporate a laser-cut wrap, vellum wrap, pocket, or embellishments like a belly band, ribbon, or paper backer, these ideas will help you create stunning and unique invitations that reflect your style and set the tone for your special day.

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