DIY cheap wedding invitations ideas

Many brides want to know that how to DIY cheap wedding invitations to make your wedding more personal and unique. Here are my DIY wedding invitations ideas for you (those who are brides-to-be):

1. Write by yourself
Buy a certain number of blank invitations match with your wedding theme, remember to buy more 10% of the invitations. Avoid misspelled and leak invite friends and relatives.

Next, write wedding invitation wording with pen on the blank invitations. Remember must keep their own style. Don’t use computer typing or let others write for you. In the last wrote individualizing signatures and logo. You can also use the pen to draw the logo on the wedding invitation for your wedding theme.
2. Personality envelope for simple wedding invitations
Now many brides like simple and elegant wedding invitations. In order to make the wedding individuation, we can design a personality envelope for these simple wedding invitations. We can fold place different patterns to packaging invitation cards.

chic and modern wedding invitation

3. Add small decorations on the cheap wedding invitations
If you think your invitation cards is too simple, you can add a few small accessories adorn the vintage wedding invitations. Such as small paper flowers or paper-cut, lace, ribbons and braid are very good grooming


Try these unique ideas to make chic and modern wedding invitation with the minimum cost for your wedding.
These DIY cheap wedding invitations are inspired by my little daughter. She use paper and other accessories make a gift for me which are her teacher taught her.

Classic purple gate fold ribbon wedding invitationsClassic purple gate fold ribbon wedding invitationsas low as $1.59

Classic fold black and white wedding invitationsClassic fold black and white wedding invitationsas low as $1.59

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