DIY Wedding Invitations: Make Handmade Paper Invitations cards

Every Bride wants their wedding invitations to be perfect. One way to get a perfectly customized unique invitation is to make it yourself.

Even if your concerns do not lie with having a truly unique invitation card, do it yourself wedding invitations will certainly save money. Making your own invitation cards is one of the most popular things among the brides. Some brides forgo this idea with the thought that they are just not creative enough to make an elegant handmade invitation.

 wedding invitation with handmade paper

Handmade paper wedding invitations are classic and elegant. You simply cannot go wrong with this kind of invitation. Handmade papers are not always all that easy to come by.

There are a couple different ways to create this kind of invitation cards. Truly just about any kind of invitation you want to make can be created with this kind of paper.

A simple wedding invitation with handmade paper:

1. Pick a blank card in the size and color of your choice

2. Print the invitation wording onto the blank invitation cards

3. Attach a sheet of handmade paper to the outside of the card

4. Decorate with ribbon or dried flowers

You could even use a thick satin ribbon to tie the card shut with a bow. This often gives a beautiful effect.

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