Doesn’t matter what is the theme of the wedding

Doesn’t matter what is the theme of the wedding, the first thing to do is to choose the unique wedding invitations from the 2011 color trends for summer weddings.  Whereas the classic pressed invitation styles in no way fade, there are latest trends in the stationery which have been used by the wedding planners including 2011 color trends for wedding invitations.

Traditional wedding invitations: Traditional weddings often means classic color but there are many ways to be classic and still have a sense of your style on the invitations as well. White or off-white cotton paper is probably the most traditional when it comes to wedding invitations.

Black, gray or silver engravings are the most common colors for lettering, although some people feel that adding the color of the wedding on pure white paper is a great way to stay traditional with an extra touch. Little details such as a gold border or paneled stationary are always timeless additions. One of the most traditional aspects of invitations is having them hand addressed by a calligrapher.

Destination wedding invites: Another option is to choose a less formal invitation with an added component that brings in the destination of your wedding. For example, if you are headed to the beach, go tropical with flowers and aqua colors like the Caribbean Sea. If you are headed to the woods, think greens and pinecones and tress or even seeded flower paper. By tying in and layering different types of paper, you’ll bring a great natural, unique and handmade wedding invitation look.

Floating River Wedding Invitations

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