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Designer Vlog | Creating the perfect invitations for an elegant Halloween wedding

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With the nights getting darker and cosier and a touch of magic in the air at this time of year, it’s easy to see why some couples fall in love with the idea of a romantic, stylish, slightly gothic autumn wedding.  With nature providing the most beautiful backdrop at no extra charge and the delicious options of seasonal comfort food to choose from for your reception, an October wedding can be idyllic and is often overlooked when choosing a date. If this sounds like your idea of the perfect day, read on for inspiration to create the most fitting, personalized invitations!

Designer–Carly Medlen-Jeffery

Hello, my name is Carly and I have been running my own wedding stationery business called Handmade by Mrs M. for over ten years now.

In that time I have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful couples and it has always felt like such a great honour to be a part of someone’s wedding plans. I enjoy making my own designs as I believe that every couple deserves to give their guests a personal first glimpse of what their big day will hold through their invitations.IMG 20211014 145546 726 3 1

Ideas to make your invitations spooky 

I absolutely love this time of year and whilst getting lost in the endless possibilities that are available in the Elegant Invites range, this is one of the designs that jumped out at me! It could be perfect for any time of year and would compliment an array of colours or themes; however, it instantly reminded me of grown-up romance and darker nights. The red wine shade teams up perfectly with black to conjure up the mood of a chic, welcoming Halloween affair. This gives a sophisticated alternative to the orange shades that are more commonly associated with Halloween.

Product Mentioned: EWWS234

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As you can see from the photos, this invitation (EWWS234) is beautiful as it is. However, if you love the idea of getting together with your bridesmaids and a bottle of fizz to sit down and create something truly personal, here are my ideas to add some spooky touches of your own:

1: A classic for a reason:

This option may seem like an obvious way to introduce a new colour but that’s because often the simplest ideas can be the most effective. I love this style of bow as it is fixed in place and the whole ribbon can just slide on and off rather than having to be tied. It is also the most practical style of bow as it’s flat for easy streamlined postage. They are simple to make at home if you fancy getting crafty or they can be ordered online ready-made.

WPS图片 3

2. Throw some shapes:  

A really simple way to subtly change the mood and perhaps give this invitation a darker twist is to add some small cut-out shapes. In this photo I have used a craft punch to very quickly and easily add some ivy leaves.  Punches can be purchased from your local craft shop or can be ordered online with countless choices of shapes available. I have used black glitter card but you may find it fun to experiment with a range of materials. Craft punches are usually inexpensive and could prove to be a useful tool in tying together a matching look for your wedding, for example, you could add some of the same shapes to your favour boxes or make table confetti.


3. How about a cameo brooch?  

Nothing says gothic romance quite like a cameo brooch! The belly band in this photo is made from a sumptuous velvet ribbon to pay tribute to a Victorian style choker necklace- not only the perfect grown up accessory for Halloween but also ideal for giving a darker twist to this invitation. The ribbon can be purchased from a craft shop or haberdashers and the brooch is actually a flat back embellishment which was easily secured in place with a strong glue dot. Very simple, very effective.


4. Who doesn’t love glitter card?

I have added a sheet of sparkly glitter card in front of the invitation wording and as you can see- it is a game changer! If you really want to crank up the Halloween factor this could be an option for you as it changes the whole mood without being too gloomy thanks to the glitter catching the light beautifully. This option has the practical advantage of offering a space on the back of the glitter card for additional guest information or perhaps even a photo. You will see as well that I have added a black resin rose to the centre as I thought that this is an easy way to draw the eye in.

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Many couples will love this beautifully intricate invitation as it is but if you think that you can have fun experimenting with this design, I hope that my ideas have been helpful. ‘Til death do you part!

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