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How To Create an Elegant Wedding Invitation

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An elegant wedding invitation is always brides’ best option regardless of her wedding styles.Whether your wedding is vintage or modern, rustic or industrial, glamour or minimal, elegant invitation style can easily set the tone for your entire event, and deliver a great glimpse of your special day to your wedding guests. 

To ensure your piece of wedding card work comes out elegant, there are 5 top things you might keep in mind and we are happy to list the details here. Check them right now! (Kindly note the gorgeous inviations below are mostly from Elegant Wedding Invites)

1.The Design Of Your Invitation Card

Design & Type play a huge role in giving your paper design an elegant, and refined look. There are a few main elements to consider when it comes to design, from motifs to typography and calligaphy. Here is an overview of these design aspects.

  • Use Modern and Formal Fonts

Nothing screams “elegance” more than this classic black and white cobination with a exquisite monogram design. 

classic black and white monogram wedding invitation
  • Keep a Clean & Minimal Look

When it comes to elegant wedding invites, simpler is better. These simple wedding invites are far from boring and your guests are sure to be seriously impressed by your simply elegant paper preference!

minimal and simple laser cut wedding invites
minimalist black and white calligraphy wedding invitation sets
From Grace
  • Elaborate calligraphy

Calligraphy continues to be a hugely popular choice for wedding invitations. It often looks most effective when names or dates are given a flourish of calligraphy rather than using swirly letters for the entire invite.

simple graceful calligraphy wedding invitation


Opt for a luxury invitation with elegance? The type of printing methods you choose will effect the overall feel of your invitations. The following designs speak the truth.

3.Add an elegant wrap to you invitation card

  • Laser Cut Pocket

The classic laser cut pockets especially those refined designs in neutral tones can be the best presentation of elegance.

–Blush Pink Laser Cut Invite–

romantic blush pink sleeve envelope wedding invites

–Classic Ivory and Rose Gold–

graceful ivory and rose gold online wedding invitation with belly band

–Floral Laser Cut Wedding Invitation–

modern geometric flower design wedding inviation suite with ivoy pocket

simple stylish greenery and white wedding invitation

  • Vellum Pocket
special stylish greenery vellum wedding invitation with wax seal
vai Stylish Wedd
romantic modern foil wedding invitation witn flower envelope
via Decoris
elegant neutral tone light blue and green vellum jacket wedding invitations
via Etsy

4.Decorate with attachments of elegance

Details like ribbons, wraps, envelope liners and pockets can add a splash of color while keeping your invitation clean and classic. 

  • Tie it with Ribbon and diamonds
glitzy glamour wedding inviation with big ribbon bow
  • Seal it with Wax

Personalized wax seals are sure to up the elegance and leave your guest gushing. Wax seals can feature personalized details like a family crest, a wedding logo or even the couple’s initials. The possibilities are endless, and the results are timeless.

creative foil edge modern wedding invitation suite with tassel and fox seal

5.Think about an paper alternative

simple modern elegant vellum we do wedding stationery


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