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Essential Things You Need to Know for a Micro Wedding

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When it comes to marrying the love of your life, not even COVID can stand in your way. But, it might make you rearrange your wedding plans a bit. If you’re narrowing down your guest list and opting for a micro wedding, you’ll still need the essentials.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate backyard ceremony or a small destination wedding, you don’t want to skimp on crucial elements like guest list, invitations,  wedding floral packages, and delectable food. Here’s a list of 8 things you need for a microwedding.

1. Guest List

Just because you’ll be inviting a smaller number of people, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a guest list! Since a microwedding is typically capped at 50 guests, you’ll only need to include those who are closest to you. You may spend an evening with your partner to determine how many guests you wish to invite and who these people are.

2. The Perfect Venue

After you’ve figured out how many guests you plan on inviting, it’s time to find a venue that can fit them all. Since you’ll have a smaller number of guests, you might be able to look at places that aren’t traditional wedding venues. Don’t overlook an event room in your favorite restaurant or your aunt’s picturesque backyard.

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3. Invitations

Even if you have a small guest list, you still need to send out invitations! To get people excited for your big day, choose invitations that match your wedding’s style.

If you’re planning an elegant celebration with hints of silver and gold, opt for laser cut invites with hints of shimmer. More into a rustic wedding? Check out invitations that weave in elements like craft paper and twine.

Some key points to include in your invitations include your dress code, whether the wedding will be indoors or out, and how you’ll handle social distancing.

graceful ivory and rose gold online wedding invitation with belly band rustic chic elegant laser cut wedding invites

4. Stunning Flowers

Is it even a wedding without flowers? And when you have fewer tables to decorate, you can choose the blooms of your dreams!

DIY and pre-arranged floral packages make it easy to choose flowers that will fit your color scheme and assure you arrive at your big day without a boutonniere. Since you can coordinate your flowers online, there’s no need to travel to a florist.

Along with saving time during the ordering process, these floral packages eliminate stress on the days leading up to your wedding day. When you order farm-fresh flowers right to your location, you don’t have to worry about picking flowers up. Plus, the flowers will be in tip-top shape for your big day.

white and red rose winter wedding bouquets

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5. Decorations to Match Your Style

Along with flowers, you’ll also need some decorations to make your venue match your style. Some non-negotiables include seating, tablecloths, and place settings. Outside of these elements, you can choose how much decor you want.

For a simple look, stick to flowers and lighting elements like candles or twinkle lights. Or, go all out with themed backdrops, elaborate centerpieces, and elegant chandeliers.

intimate backyard wedding reception with romantic lights

6. Food and Drink

The great thing about a smaller guest list is that you can splurge on the food and beverages. Since you’ll need a smaller number of plates than you would for a larger wedding, you might be able to have your favorite restaurant cater.

Some trends to think about incorporating into your big day include elegant individual cakes and ready made cocktails. Not only are these elements cute, but they also eliminate sharing of food and beverages.

signature wedding drinks decorated with lavender

7. Photographer

Even if your wedding only includes 10 people, you’ll want professional photos to look back on after your big day is over. Check out different photographers’ work and make a meeting with professionals who offer a style you like. At the meeting, make sure you feel comfortable with them. If you feel uptight, your photos will likely end up unnatural and stiff.

8. Music

When it comes time to dance the night away, you want tunes that you can groove to! Since you have a smaller guest list, don’t forget to consider options outside of a DJ. Call up your favorite local band or musician for a special live element.

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Finally,Big Love, Small Wedding

By including the following 8 elements, you’ll host a microwedding that displays the love you and your partner have for each other.

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