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EWI Custom Full Color UV Printing Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations

gorgeous floral UV printing Wedding Invitations

What are the printing options for wedding invitations? The most common type we know is digital/flat printing. Besides, there are other well-known printing methods such as thermography, letterpress, offset printing, engraving, foil stamping and laser cut. But today, we are going to introduce a new printing technique from Elegant Wedding Invites ‘new product lines- the UV printing, it is similar to the thermography but allows limitless colors.

uv printing wedding invitations from Elegant Wedding Invites

UV printing is an excellent way to enhance the design and the wording. The finished product of UV Printing is shiny, like plastic with a raised texture, but most importantly, it is not limited to monocolor! The color options of this type of printing are limitless. Therefore we also name it the full color Thermography. SO if you want the raised texture with more color options, UV PRINTING is your best bet. Above all,  the prices are almost the same as general Thermography.

Enjoy some beautiful UV printing wedding invites from Elegant Wedding Invites! Shop for your favorite design and feel the ink of prints with your fingers!

blush floral boho style UV printing wedding invitation cards

Floral Pattern- floral is a big wedding trend in recent years, and we incorporate this hot element into our UV wedding invites too.

burgundy and gold uv printing raised texture floral wedding invitations

burgundy and dark red uv printing fall wedding invites

Boho Deer Pattern

bohemian rustic deer pattern UV printing wedding invitation kits

Vintage Lace

vintage blush pink lace UV printing wedding invitations

Click to see more UV printing wedding invitations from Elegant Wedding Invites.
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