Find Your Perfect Fall Wedding Themes (Parte Two)

Fall Wedding Theme – Decorations

You can make full use of your creativity for Fall Wedding Invitations themes. Firstly, include the above mentioned fall wedding colors in your decorations. You can make use of hay bales, pumpkin leaves to give an informal look to the wedding. Make use of autumn leaves for the aisles, not the real ones but the polyurethane leaves. Use of wedding flowers has become too common, so instead use ferns, grapevines, wheat, etc. for the fall wedding decoration. Having the wedding in an area surrounded by a foliage is a great idea. You can have floral centerpieces or even better, floating candles surrounded by non-flammable leaves. You can add the leaves to the candle holders itself.

Halloween themed weddings are very popular, after all, Halloween falls in the autumn season only. You do not have to give a horror look to the Wedding Invitations decorations, all you have to do is add the main characteristics of Halloween, like pumpkins. You can make card holders out of small pumpkins. You can combine fall leaves and tiny pumpkins to the arc, if yours is one of the outdoor fall wedding themes. Fake jack-o-lanterns, Japanese lanterns and yellow balloons compliment the fall season perfectly. Read more on fall wedding bouquets.

Fall Wedding Theme – Menu


Just like the decorations, the food also needs to be in accordance to the theme. As our theme is fall season, we will try and include fruits and foods abundant in fall. Sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted turkey, oysters, enchiladas, chili rellenos, tamales etc. are some of the foods you can add to your menu. Filling foods like macaroni and cheese, rib roast, brisket and small snacks like toasted nuts, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, creamed apples, pecan pie and squashes can be served either as appetizers or desserts.

You can also serve fall-inspired beverages like apple cider with cinnamon or hot coffee with lots of cream or white chocolate syrups. Cake is a must at most of the weddings, for a fall themed wedding, you can have a pumpkin spice or apple cake, even carrot cakes are quite popular as fall wedding cakes. If you want your cake to look traditional white, you can just add the flavors without changing the outer look of the wedding cake.

This was all about fall wedding themes. You can add your creativity to these ideas and come up with some more unique ideas. The fall season will certainly add lots of colors to your wedding, for sure!

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