Five Rustic Wedding Themes With Mason Jars

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There has been a trend to use mason jars in rustic weddings in these years. Actually, mason jars are essential and  irreplaceable for their rather low prices and wide range of uses. With a bit of creative ideas, these littele modest tools can really improve the feel of your wedding. The flowing five wedding themes are all my favourite, get inspired!

1. Boho

country rustic fall boho wedding ideas


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romantic-boho-floral-gold-foil-stamped-wedding-invitations-EWFI018 affordable-boho-themed-peach-and-green-floral-bracket-wedding-invitations-EWIb299 boho-antler-flower-rustic-wedding-invites-EWI415

2. String Lights 

rustic wedding ideas with string lights and mason jars

rustic-wooden-string-light-mason-jar-fall-wedding-invites-EWI3951 rustic-stringlight-snowflake-winter-wedding-invitation-EWI410-1 romantic-stringlight-mason-jar-wedding-invitation-EWI3981

3. Sunflower

rustic fall sunflower and mason jar themed wedding ideas


rustic-sunflower-mason-jars-wedding-invitations-EWI353 rustic-sunflower-mason-jars-gold-pocket-wedding-invitation-EWPI134

4. Burlap & Lace

rustic burlap and lace mason jar wedding ideas

rustic-burlap-and-lace-layered-wedding-invitation-EWLS058 cheap-rustic-burlap-layered-wedding-invitations-EWLS050 exquisite-rustic-mason-jar-wedding-invitations-EWLS003

5. Baby Breath

rutisc babybreath and mason jar inspired wedding ideas

Cheap-Rustic-mason-jars-wood-wedding-invitations-EWI245 natural rustic vintage lace burlap wedding favor bag

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