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Get Inspired by 10 Chic Moody Wedding Colors for Fall and Winter

boho wedding ideasfall wedding colors

dark moody fall and winter wedding colors

Dark and moody themes are a popular trend that have taken over modern weddings, mostly for fall and winter nuptials. We love this style because it strays from the typical bridal look to showcase bolder, darker styling. Don’t ever think that moody only means a halloween, vampire or gothic wedding day! It can be any dark romantic wedding that creates a wow factor combining deep lush shades with some lighter colors. Want some ideas? Join us in the dark side and fall in love with this moody wedding aesthetic.

1.Emerald, Rust and Yellow

This color combo gives off some serious fairytale vibes. Green emerald is the star here. This mysterious color adds romance to any wedding. Combine shades of emerald with accents of rust orange or yellow and you have yourself an unforgettable wedding day!

emerald and rust orange moody dark boho wedding theme

luxe emerald green velvet and satin bridesmaids dresses

Intimate elopement and calgary wedding photography dark and moody giant organic bridal bouquet

2.Black,Wine,Pink & Gold

Why pair only two colors when you could make a quartet of four? The intense red/purple of wine provides a rich structure to enhance the vibrancy of gold and/or the elegance of pink. Black is also a solid base yet most interestingly used to add definition to a setting or catch one’s eye in front of a lighter background.

copper, dusty rose and black modern stylish wedding party ideas

rose gold foil vellum wedding invitation cardintimate black and gold modern wedding centerpieces

3.Shades of Purple and Sage 

Lilac and sage, or various shades of the two colors have been an enchantingly wonderful pair since the invention of the forest. Both colors are interchangeable for  everything from the dresses to the bouquets, to the delicious cake! Add a pop of color to your wedding bouquet, your cake or even your wedding dress.

shades of purple and sage green whimsical woodland wedding colors

simple lavender laser cut wedding invitation

whimsical forest ultra violet wedding centerpieces with candle lights

purple and mint green mismatched bridesmaid dresses ideas  non-traditional wedding bouquet in purple shades

4.Magenta, Amethyst and Royal Blue

You may say…“Ils sont magnifique!” when planning your day using magenta, amethyst and royal blue. The deeper royal blue providing background to set the focus on magenta napery or an amethyst centerpiece, proves this is a terrific trio.

dark moody purple jewel tone halloween fairytale wedding

shades of purper flowers acrylic wedding card

unique dark black halloweeen wedding cake

5. Black, Greenery and Gold

Black and green provide the base to let gold shine through with this enticing combination. Gold trim place settings or lettering against green provides for an aura of wealth and nature. This color combo is perfect for a nature themed wedding.

moody black and greenery forest fall and winter wedding theme

modern white rose acrylic wedding card

black and greenery vintage wedding table setting

6.Rust Orange, Terracotta & Mustard

This earnest trio of colors paint the setting of autumn, in a quaint and rural locale. The colors pair well with wood tables and outdoor venues enabling for an economically affordable choice. Hip, chic and boho all in one!

trendy rust orange,mustard and terrecotta earhty tone fall wedding colors

stunning and unique boho eleopment wedding ceremony

7. Midnight Blue and Gold Celestial Theme

Vibrant stars across a moonless sky shine brightest in the dark night. These colors provide that same sense of wonder for your event. Gold is best used as the focal point such as the invite, the cake, and the centerpieces contrasted with the mysterious midnight blue.

celestial starry night dreamy midnight blue wedding theme

shimmering midnight blue and gold laser cut wedding invitation with foil prints

dazzling celestial dream wedding cake in midnight blue

moon & stars wedding card with wax seal

8. Light and Dark Blues

Water and sky aren’t necessarily just ocean blue, and sky blue, they can have many different shades. From a wispy blue dress to a navy blue suit, or a royal blue tablecloth, or vibrant blue place settings. Any combination will do!

shades of blue fall outdoor wedding inspirationbeutiful wild greenery and white laser cut wedding invitations

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