Hearts in the Sand Invitations for Beach Weddings

These are the perfect invitations for a beach wedding, whether you’re inviting all your guests to the wedding itself, or to use to show you are getting married abroad and you’re inviting your guests to a party afterwards.

My best friend had her destination theme wedding last night. We had a lot of fun drinking wine, playing with loose sand,gettling glue EVERYWHERE and chatting while putting these together! Mmy friend’s small and intimate beachside wedding are great. I am extremely happy for her and her new fiance Joe and am honored to be a part of their upcoming event!

sand beach wedding invitation

We started this project thinking we were going to do some type of message in a bottle type of invitation with the sand and shells, but after a local trip to the craft store we quickly realized that it might be hard to find all the pieces we needed to assemble those.

So………..we modified our message in a bottle theme to fit within this see through memory box. It really turned out better than we both expected. We actually glued the box shut so none of the sand escapes. Next week I am getting them individually shrink wrapped and off they go in the mail.

I already checked with the Post Office and they said it would not be a problem to mail these just as you are looking at them. FUN HUH? Imagine getting this box in the mail full of sand and shells….it definitely sets the tone of the wedding theme!

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