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How to Plan a Black and White Wedding

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Black and white theme wedding is one of those timeless classics that will never be died out. Whether you want a traditional wedding, vintage wedding or a modern wedding, black and white combination can always meet your requirements. This post is my opinion towards a black and white wedding.

black and white wedding invitation

Black and White Wedding Invitations

Send black and white wedding invitations to friends and family will be a stunning beginning to the whole theme wedding. If you have enough time and love DIY, the perfect option can be your DIY wedding invitation kits which you can save a lot of money. If you prefer traditional printed invitations, there are tons of online companies providing a wide range of black and white wedding invitations along with response cards, reception cards and thank you cards. Here are some samples.

vintage black and white wedding invitations vintage black and white wedding invitations as low as $0.94

Classic black and white wedding invitationsClassic black and white wedding invitationsas low as $0.94

Black and White Wedding Cakes
Black and white wedding cakes can be full of fun and elegant ideas, such as lace black and white cakes, black and white combination with your favorite flower, bow theme cakes and etc.

black and white wedding cakes

Black and White Wedding Decorations
Try to use black and white as the main color for the wedding decorations, such as plates, chairs, and tablecloth.

black and white weddings

black and white wedding ideas

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Black and White Wedding Favors

You can find thousands of black and white wedding favors online or offline stores, such as wine set, black and white candle favors, candy coated chocolates and etc.

black and white wedding favors


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