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How To Respond A Wedding Invitation RSVP (Parte Two)

Wedding Stationery Etiquette

Normally Cheap Wedding  Invitations should cover this information:

Who is invited

Type of event, in this case, a wedding

Who the wedding couple is

Date and time

Location and map or instructions if needed

Response manner and the time limit, such as by return mail, phone call or email, by a certain date.

Write a annotation to accept or decline if there is no response card. It is composed on nice, giant plain paper in ink. In this case, it could say something to the effect: Mr. and Mrs. Happy guest except with pleasure your Wedding Invite for Saturday, the twelfth of March at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Know that response cards are usually pre-printed and begin with wording similar to this: The favour of a reply is requested before the ninth of April. Then there will be a capital letter, “M,” followed by a long blank line; and on another line, the words: I will attend, or will not attend.

For example: M_________________

___ will attend ___ will not attend.

Fill it in like this: The M is the beginning of the word “Mr. and Mrs.” so begin with the “r” and then add your Mrs. or Ms., your husband’s first name and your last name. For example: M(r.) and Mrs. James Jameson.

If you are a very modern couple, you can write: M(r.) Thom Jones and Ms. Anika Jones-Hillary. And finally, add a check to either the accept, or decline line.

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