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{Designer Vlog} How To Wax Seal Your Wedding Invitations

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Designer Vlog How To Wax Seal Your Wedding Invitations


Wax seals become the new hot decoration trend in recent years and will definitely be sticking around for 2022, especially on DIY wedding invitations. Wax seal is just something that couples feel really added a personal touch. How To Wax Seal Your Wedding Invitations? Watch together!

{Vlog- How To Wax Seal Your Wedding Invitations?}

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{Details of Vlog}

Hi! Guys, today I am going to show you how to wax seal your wedding invitations.

As you can see here I have an acrylic wedding invitation by elegantweddinginvites. This is their greenery frosted acrylic wedding invitation. It is available in two materials clear & frosty, looks very pretty. I have the clear one here.

amazing greenery clear acrylic wedding invitations amazing greenery frosted acrylic wedding invitations

Invitations: Wedding Invitations

<Things we need to get started>

1. Wax beads

2. Stamp head

3. Spoon

4. Candles & a matchstick

5. Few decorative elements – I have a vellum paper here, a pressed flower, a thread & a brown torn paper.
Once you are done assembling your invite get ready to seal it.

blank vellum jacket for diy wedding invitation ideas

Blank Vellum Pocket from: stylishwedd

<Few things to keep in mind>

1. Check for the direction of formation your design is to keep your stamp straight. You can mark it as I have.

2. About 4 wax beads are enough to form one seal.

3. While melting the wax make sure not to boil it, slowly warm it up to avoid forming bubbles, you can use a toothpick to stir the wax.

4. Your wax should have this kind of (nectar thick) consistency with no bubbles.

5. Pour the wax & stamp it, wait for few seconds before removing the stamp.

That’s it, you are done.
Designer Vlog How To Wax Seal Your diy Wedding Invitation ideas

<Wax Seal Stickers – Easy Way to DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas>

To do wax seal on your own is an amazing and creative way. However, many couples are worried that they could’t make wax seal perfect, even afraid of ruin the invitations.

So, we provide wax seal stickers for you to diy your own weddin invitations, click the following post to check more ideas:

How to DIY Your Wedding Invitations Unique with Wax Seals


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