How To Write Winter Wedding Invitations Wording

As mention of winter, we will think of the dark and dreary solemnity. But we can bring some life to the season by hold a winter wedding. Winter wedding gives people a opportunity to break up the monotony and a reason to get out of the house and celebrate. Many people will make travel plans during the winter, so your Wedding Invitation wording will be the best information to let your guests know your winter wedding and there will have a travel.

So, there are some tips for writing winter Wedding Invites wording:

Determine who will host the wedding. If the bride and groom’s parents will host the wedding, the phrasing will typically begin “Mr. and Mrs. Steven White and Mr. and Mrs. Janet Kost.” If the couples are going to host the wedding, the phrasing will state “Andrea White and John Kost.”

Create a transitional invitational phrase. The traditional expression for couples to use is, “Request the honor of your presence as they are united in marriage.” For those wanting a more modern and winter-specific theme, consider clauses such as, “Request the honor of your presence in welcoming the joy of the season through an exchange of marriage vows,” or “Request the honor of your presence at their winter marriage.”

Add a poem, Christmas Carol or thank you notes to the invitation. If you wish to stipulate a winter theme or use a preferred adage or poem, put it at the top of the invitation in citation marks. For example, “One kind love can warm three winter months.” “Winter is overhead, but love brings spring to the heart.” or “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

Write out the specific day, time and location. For example, “On Friday, December Fifteenth 2010 at six o’clock in the evening, First Baptist Church of Mesa, 1055 North Brown Road, Mesa, Arizona.”