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{Influencer’s Video} Where to Buy Your Own Wedding Invitations online

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Melanie hold small wedding during the year that shook up the world, 2020. Where to buy affordable wedding invitations onlines? Melanie was worried about the quanlity and the design if ordering stationaries online. She decided to try as she had a small wedding. It is our great pleasure to help create the special wedding invitations for her big day.

She prefer to share exciting experience of shopping wedding cards online here, let us have a look together.


Melanie Mattis used her eight years of corporate and university event planning experience to plan her wedding and bridal events during the year that shook up the world, 2020. As she made the many adjustments to the big day, she noticed a consistent amount of questions from brides across the nation regarding her planning and stationery designs. Melanie then began to upload wedding content to her and her husband’s YouTube channel to help Covid Brides. Influencer’s Video Where to Buy Your Own Wedding Invitations online

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  • Part one-Say “Hi”

hi, everybody welcome back to our channel.

Today, I’ll be talking about my wedding invitations, me and a company named stylishwedd, and we decided to do a collaboration on their invitations for my wedding. So they do all sorts of invitations and the ones that I picked out. I’m so excited to show you guys. So let me open this box.

I’m so excited. And you know, it took a lot like I was really nervous about ordering them. But I was, like you know, what we’re having a small wedding anyway, so let me just go ahead and order them. I didn’t want to fall Behind. I didn’t expect them to look like this. It looks like real ink. Okay let me get it Off.

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  • Part Two-Unboxing of Dreamy Wedding Invites

Hi guys how there again, I wanted to show you guys like the packaging and how everything came.

So this was the envelope here. You can’t really tell it like there, the laser cut and then here’s another closet. I really love how they came out Like. I’m just so excited.

And then, I’m gonna put that little piece up here, I just want to see how it looks. Oh my god, so cute. So that’s how it would be. So exciting. And I’ll probably figure out a way to add a little more wine, I don’t know how I’m going to do that way. But, I just want a little bit more of a pop. But actually you guys are close up to the gold. But like gold metallic Looking.

But yes, overall I love how it came out this is obviously my first wedding, but this is not my first event where I had to find invitations and these are just so detail, the cutting is just so detailed. so I’m a very detailed person so I really loved that aspect of it, so yes that was the enevelopes.

And below here’s the little ink stamp. I want to show okay here we go. Yeah, those little things. And then everything goes so including the invitation itself with all the writing the rsvp cars. The envelopes, the rsvp envelopes and then the large outer envelope that will be sending out the whole invitations

this has been Great. I’m so excited I’m so relieved with that part of it. Because, I was so nervous about ordering invitations in the first place but the amount that I ordered is perfect.

vintage slate black intricate laser cut gate folded wedding invitation EWWS207

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  • Part Three- Close to the Details of Wedding Invitations

Okay everybody so here is our invitations. wow they came out so great, as I expected but it’s just different singular person.

These colors here on the emerald green and the wine color that’s our colors for the wedding, and as you can See it has a little bit of detail of gold and this deep wine ink mark here and I forgot what they call. something interesting I think it’s called ink, like an mark or something.

But anyway, I chose this invitation style here, because it was just formal to me and it just gave me a very elegant feel.

Influencer’s Video Where to Buy Your Own Wedding Invitations online for fall wedding ideas

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So yeah, I really really really really really love it! I love how it came out, the big envelope over there is the envelope will be sending these wedding invitations in, and then this envelope here is the return rsvp for the rsvp card here. So it came out so great I’m going to show you got some closeups in a second.

The invitation, as you can see it, has like that little metallic gold on our names and the crown there at the top. But yeah it seems like it was a lot of writing that I put up here. But I think it’s just laid out the perfect way. and they have different examples on their side. they send you proofs very responsive. so they’re a great team and here is a little Ink stamp thing here, it has like a Little piece.

Then there you have access for You. I love it. I love how it came out so people will open It . And of course we’re going to put our RSVP card in here like so. It’s gonna be so perfect. I’m so excited.

Influencer’s Video Where to Buy and design Your Own Wedding Invitations online

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  • Part Four- Highly Recomendation

This collaboration the product is great I love it so much and I’m sure my piano is going to love it too.

And yeah I’m just excited to move on to the next part of my wedding and I will keep you guys updated for sure.

So talk to you guys soon have a good week.

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Elegant Wedding Invites is a leading supplier of laser cut wedding invitations. In the year 2005, we integrated our unique vision for wedding invitations into our laser cutting paper technology and it was a huge success.Over the years, our hard work and perseverance has given us anoutstanding global reputation and millions of world-wide followers.

We are always on the search for creativity and beautiful aesthetics.As part of our efforts to bring our clients the most up to date affordable wedding stationery, we source the world’s best artists to create unique wedding invitation designs.
You can also print your own designs! Just email us your file and we willgladly get your design printed on one of our many available card stocks.

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At StylishWedd you can place your mind at ease as we are proud to offer you the very best services to help you design your wedding invitations. Our purpose is to help you achieve a cohesive design for your wedding day at a very reasonable and affordable price!
We will provide you:

• Free printed outer envelopes
• Fully customized with your choice for font, color, wording and so on
• Free digital proof of your invitation before sending the file to print
• Free shipping(US/CA) for bulk order
• Various Printing Methods: UV Printing, foil Printing, Letterpress and much more

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