Laser Cut Invitation New Arrivals from Elegant Wedding Invites for 2020

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laser cut wedding invitation new arrivals

Dear loverly brides, seeking for some non-traditional wedding invitation as special as laser cut wrap style? You are right at the place! As a well-known expertise in laser cut wedding invitaton suites, Elegant Wedding Invites creates laser cut weddng invitations in various popular colors like blush, ivory, blue and glitter, in different shapes and different printings like digital, foil and letterpress. And today, we are glad to introduce some our new laser cut wedding invitation designs published at the beginning of 2020. Most of the designs are well designed for dreamy spring and summer weddings.

1.Garden Inspired Greenery Wedding Invitations for Spring and Summer

-New greenery wedding invitations with inner cards created by our professional invitation designer.

Shop The Invitations: EWDM014 & EWDM015

modern geometry greenery garden inspired laser cut wedding invitations for spring

2. Romantic Blush Invitations Inspired by  Popular Blush Color Combos

-Our blush laser cut wedding invitations are designed to match your different wedding color theme: blush& gold, blush & silver, blush & burgundy, blush & blue, blush  greenery

Shop The Invitations: EWDJ001 & EWTS039

new romantic blush pink laser cut wedding invites from Elegant Wedding Invites

3. Luxury Glitter Laser Cut Wrap Wedding Invitation

-wrap color available in rose gold, champagne gold, silver and other glitter shades are customizable too.

Shop The Invitations: EWWS277 & EWDK014

luxury rose gold glitter laser cut wedding invitations

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