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May the Force Be With You:21 Creative Star Wars Themed Wedding Ideas

2016 Wedding Trends

The movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has created the highest box office of North America just before I started to write this blog. Have you watched the movie and do you like it? I know Star Wars fan are all around the world and the Star Wars mania is at an all-time high. Get in back to the point, if you are a super Star Wars fan, you can’t miss a Star Wars themed wedding. However, let’s to be honest, you may easily make a this kind of wedding into a kid’s party. Don’t worry, I’ve collected top 21 star wars themed ideas for you, from the Princess Leia’s wedding hairstyle to the  a lightsaber send-off, to make your wedding fun and memorable. Just feel the force and love!

 1. Photography Ideas with classic Star Wars elements: clone troopers, lightsabers, AT-AT…

creative star wars themed wedding photography ideas

Cacá Santoro Photography 丨Steven Kowalski Photography /Unveiled Wedding Photography

By Real People PhotographyJuniper Spring Photography

2. Wedding Cake with AT-AT toppers

star wars inspired wedding cake with at-at toppers

Amanda McKinnon Photography

3. Wedding rings & D2R2 ring bearer 

star wars inspired lightsaber wedding ring


-“I love you.”-“I know.” Do you still remember these lines?

elegant star wars themed wedding bands

via Pinterest

This R2D2 plays the role of ring bearer…amazing!

wonderful star wars themed wedding ideas to use D2R2 robot as ring bearer

Diana M. Lott Photography

4. Princess Leia style updo

Princess Leia inspiration wedding updo ideas

Tec Petaja Photography

5. Wedding Dress reminds me of Padme Amidala

gorgeous Padme Amidala inspired wedding dress from Dilek Hanif

via Pinterest

6. Wedding Bouquets with lightsabers

unqiue lightsaber wedding bouquet ideas that you may love

via Pinterest

7. Dessert Bar Ideas

unique stars war inspiration wedding dessert ideas

William Mahone Photography

star wars inpiration candy bar ideas for your wedding

Jamie Lauren Photography

8. Star Wars mixed with Lego…isn’t it beautiful?

star wars inspiration lego wedding ring holders

 Chaz Cruz photography

cute leogo Yoda inspired wedding boutonniere

Red White & Green Photography

9. Wedding Centerpieces with clone trooper’s helmet

creative star wars themed wedding centerpieces

Viva Wedding Photography

10. Flower girls: let the little child stars in your wedding get in on the act with mini Hans and Leia costumes.

flowergirls ideas for star wars themed wedding

Wedding Dream Services 

11. Darth Vader Inspiration Wedding Favors

star wars themed Vader inspirztion wedding favors ideas

via Not on The Highstreet

12. Master Yoda Inspired Wedding Table Number Cards

unique star wars themed wedding table cards

 Chantal Andrea Photography

13. Guest Book Ideas

creative star wars themed wedding guest book

via Pinterest

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