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7 Inspiring Ideas for a Navy Blue, Burgundy, and Rose Gold Wedding

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7 Inspiring Ideas for Navy Blue Burgundy and Rose Gold Wedding

Cover Credit: @LaceEnt

When it comes to planning a wedding, selecting the right color scheme plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the big day. With so many color combinations to choose from, it can be a daunting task to pick the perfect one. However, one color combination that has been gaining popularity in recent years is navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold. This color palette is versatile, elegant, and can be used in a variety of ways to create a beautiful wedding. In this article, we will provide you with 7 inspiring ideas to help you plan your navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold wedding.

Idea 1: Invitations

The first impression your guests will have of your wedding will be the invitations. Set the tone for your wedding with navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold invitations. You can opt for a classic design with a touch of rose gold foil or go for a more modern look with geometric shapes and bold fonts in these colors. Don’t forget to include a dress code and any other important information your guests need to know.

Idea 2: Bridal Party Attire

For the bridal party attire, consider navy blue dresses for the bridesmaids with burgundy and rose gold bouquets. For the groomsmen, navy blue suits with burgundy ties and rose gold boutonnieres would be a perfect match. This color combination will create a cohesive look that is both elegant and modern.

Idea 3: Table Decor

When it comes to table decor, there are many ways to incorporate navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold. You can opt for navy blue tablecloths, burgundy napkins, and rose gold centerpieces. Alternatively, you can use rose gold chargers with navy blue plates and burgundy napkins. Adding candles in these colors will create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Idea 4: Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a focal point of the reception and should be both beautiful and delicious. A navy blue and burgundy cake with rose gold accents would be a stunning addition to your wedding. Alternatively, you can opt for a white cake with navy blue and burgundy flowers and rose gold accents.

Idea 5: Wedding Favors

Thank your guests for attending your wedding with navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold wedding favors. You can opt for personalized wine glasses with these colors or go for a more practical gift like a bottle opener. Adding a personalized tag with your names and wedding date will make the favors more special.

Idea 6: Photo Booth Backdrop

A photo booth is a fun addition to any wedding reception. Make your photo booth stand out with a navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold backdrop. You can use balloons, streamers, or even flowers in these colors to create a unique backdrop that your guests will love.

Idea 7: Wedding Exit

The wedding exit is the perfect opportunity to showcase your color scheme. Distribute navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold confetti to your guests for a grand exit. Alternatively, you can opt for sparklers in these colors for a magical and romantic exit.

In conclusion, the navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold color scheme is a beautiful and elegant choice for any couple’s wedding. By incorporating these colors into various elements of your wedding, you can create a cohesive and memorable event. These 7 inspiring ideas are just a few ways to use this color palette to its fullest potential. Remember, the most important thing is to stay true to your personal style and preferences while planning your big day. With a little creativity and planning, your navy blue, burgundy, and rose gold wedding will be a stunning and unforgettable event.

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