Ombre Weddings-New Wedding Trends for 2013 and 2014

Bridal and groom fashion has become more and more reliant on layering interesting textures and incorporating lots of colors this year, so have the ombre-been tremendously popular to incorporate gradient, subtly fading coloring, especially the ombre wedding cakes. Yes, the theme today is Ombre! Some fabulous ombre wedding themes here will surely catch your eyes.

rustic ombre wedding ideas

Not only for the ombre wedding cakes, but also the ombre wedding dresses, ombre wedding invitations are widely used in the year 2013 and this will be continuously popular in 2014.

Pink Ombre Wedding Ideas

pink ombre wedding ideas

pink ombre wedding decorations

Blue Ombre Wedding Ideas

blue ombre wedding trends ideas

blue ombre wedding cakes

Orange Ombre Wedding Ideas

fall orange ombre wedding ideas

orange ombre wedding cakes and decorations

Green Ombre Wedding Ideas

green ombre wedding inspirations

Purple Ombre Wedding Ideas

purple ombre wedding ideas

purple ombre wedding decorations and dresses

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