Gorgeous Sparkly and Metallic Wedding Colors to Be Continued

Searching for 2019 wedding trends, we see glitters/Metallics leading the way, from gold wedding dresses to sparkly shoes and  wedding invitation with gold accents. Metallic hues are an excellent way to complete your overall wedding aesthetic.  If you are a fan of metallic and want to have those in your big day, then check in and get inspired by some metallic wedding color ideas below. Enjoy!

dark navy,neutral shades and glitter wedding color ideas

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Inspirational DIY Ideas to Transform Your Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Hello brides, looking for some easy and fabulous DIY invitation ideas? You can use laser cut wedding invitations. Using Blank Laser Cut Invitations is a great way to achieve a professional looking result with the minimum amount of effort. If you need some help, check out our diy laser cut invites ideas for inspiration.If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, these DIY lase cut wedding invitations with glitters are definitely for you!

1.DIY blush laser cut wedding invitations with ribbons and glitter backer inside

Shop Similar Style from EWI

Blush and sivler laser cut wedding invitation ideas

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5 Gorgeous Neutral and Sparkle Wedding Colors with Matching Invitations

Talking about wedding colors, nothing says dreamy like a soft, muted wedding color palette of neutrals. It can fit the mold of any wedding style. For example, if you want an elegant and sophisticated affair, you can incorporate metallic and gilded accents in to your neutrals. So how to rock a glittery neutral wedding, take a look at some gorgeous color inspiration boards below for inspiration.

1. Gold and Dusty Blue

Photo Credits: Glitter gold Invitation from EWI/via Happy Wedd/via Happy Wedd/

via You mean The World Tome /via A Beautiful Wedding Co/via Elegant Wedding/via Pinterest


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The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2019 Including Wedding Dresses and Invitations-1

For brides who getting married in 2019,  it’s a good idea to have the 2019 wedding trends in the back of your mind when planning your weddings. To get you inspired, we has put together some of the biggest trends you’re likely to see in 2019, from the practical wedding dresses with pockets to popular bridesmaid dress colors, and chic foil printed vellum wedding invitations and so on. Get ready for these trends to transform your wedding into a whole new kind of celebration. Enjoy!
1.Top 3 Wedding Dresses Trends: PocketsGlitter accents on dresses and Plunging necklines.

top 3 wedding dresses trends ideas for 2019

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7 Amazing Summer Wedding Color Combos for a Memorable Big Day

Summer, what a great season for weddings! It’s the season of sunsets, tropical blooms, fruity cocktails, and quality time spent seaside. Looking for wedding color palette inspiration? We have created some of the most cheerful color combos for your summer wedding.  Just take a look and get inspired by these awesome color ideas below.

1.Emerald green and berry pink
emerald green and berry pink summer wedding colors


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6 Beautiful Greenery Wedding Color Combos in Green Shades for 2019

The biggest wedding color trends in 2019 are undoubtedly green shades, especially those organic and natural green colors such as sage greens, olive green and forest green, and other green colors that are rooted in mother nature. Brides will feel no difficulty in following these organic color trends, you may dress up your bridesmaids in muted green shades and have your wedding decoration decorated in greenery. To get you inspired, we have created 6 stunning green wedding color boards with matching invitations from Elegant Wedding Invites. Happy pinning!

1.Sage Green
beautiful sage green and blush wedding color ideas

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10 Popular Laser Cut Glitter Wedding Invitations from Elegant Wedding Invites

Something we have seen pop up this year in wedding invitations in particular is all sorts of glitter details. For brides who are planning for a glitter or glam wedding, sending out a gorgeous glitter inspired wedding invitation might be an ideal way to impress your guest. Browse our 10 best collections of laser cut wedding invitations enhanced by glitter and sparkle and we have even more beautiful glitter invitation designs to choose from to suit the style of your day.

1.Navy and Silver Wedding Invitations EWWS189

Shop the Style: EWWS189

classic navy blue and glitter silver laser cut pocket wedding invitations

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7 Stunning Wedding Color Palettes with Blush Pink

Pink is one of the most popular wedding colors that we all love and know well. The wedding color combining options with blush are endless and because of the romantic coloring, it will never be out of fashion.  Today, we’re showing you seven pretty wedding color combinations that go well with blush! If you’re one of those ladies captivated by this color, you won’t want to miss these lovely wedding color ideas.Take a look!
1. Blush and Dusty Blue

stunning dusty blue and blush pink wedding colors

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The Best 20 Free Fancy Fonts for DIY Wedding Invitations

What is the trick for doing DIY wedding invitations yourself? It is all about finding the right fonts besides the paper used.There are tons of free fonts out there on the Internet, but it is extremely time consuming to check all of them. Therefore bellow we have updated the list of 20 popular free fonts for all DIY brides with downloading links provided. Check immediately and happy downloading!

New top 20 free fancy wedding fonts for 2018


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The Hottest Wedding Invitations Trends for 2019

Yes, it is time to start thinking about your wedding invitations since 2019 is right around the corner and a new round of wedding seasons are coming soon. In 2019, Brides might have the most options of wedding invitation ever in history,with all the different papers, textures, colors, fonts,embellishments and attachments, packages, all mixed and matched, but paired so cohesively. If you are stuck for inspiration, keep scrolling to see the hottest wedding invitation trends  in 2019 or explore our 2019 wedding invitation designs here.

1. Vellum Paper Invitation Cards and Envelopes

trending special translucent vellum paper wedding invitations

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