Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding invitation

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is set to take place on Friday, April 29, at Westminster Abbey in London. You’ll have to settle for watching the blessed event on TV, there are several facts that any self-respecting royal watcher needs to know. Below is a quick look of the basics.

The wedding invitations of Prince William and Kate Middleton: On the left is their own photos, Top is the crown

This design of the wedding invitations is very simple,unique and elegant.

prince william kate middleton wedding invitation
Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s younger sister will be in the wedding party, will serve as maid of honor. Royal historian Hugo Vickers noted that maids of honor at royal weddings are usually much younger.
On the groom’s side, William’s younger brother, Harry, will step up to the plate for best man duties. It’s a high-profile gig that includes giving the toast, planning the bachelor party, and, of course, making sure the groom shows up on time for the big day.
According to the UK’s Telegraph, “no fewer than 38 kings and queens have been crowned there in an unbroken run since it was built by Edward in the 11th century.”
This detail hasn’t been officially released, but according to the rumor mill, William and Kate will spend a week on Britain’s Scilly Islands after their big day.

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