Prints Wedding Theme-Black and White Striped Wedding

Wedding Color Palette

When talking about wedding theme, we may think it to be high-concept. Well, sometimes a simple decorative element like “stripes” can tie everything together, making up a fabulous wedding theme. There are bold stripes, bright stripes, nautical stripes and candy stripes-the stripe possibilities are endless. Add some fun to your big day and have a black and white striped wedding.

bold stripes wedding theme

Send black and white striped wedding invitations to give guests the first impression and set the tone for the wedding.

striped wedding invitations

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black and white striped wedding invitations

Choosing striped wedding cakes that have similar color palette with your whole wedding color tone.

striped wedding cakes

Considering the lined petals mixed with ranunculus and roses as the bouquets, and then use an iron to pleat a black and white striped ribbon can be a plus to the wedding.

striped wedding bouquetsstriped bouquet

Do not forget striped bridesmaids, which can be bright scenery at the wedding. Any stripe can be perfect.

black and white striped bridesmaidsblack and white striped bridesmaids

As for food and drinks, which become more and more important for a wedding, considering striped designs like striped straws, striped spoons, striped napkins and etc.

black and white striped drinks

When it comes to the table setting and reception decorations, stripe designs can also be used.

stried wedding table setblack and white striped table set

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