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7 Unique Ideas for a Gorgeous Purple and Green Wedding Theme 2023

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7 Unique Ideas for a Gorgeous Purple and Green Wedding Theme 2023

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A wedding color scheme sets the tone for the entire celebration. If you’re looking for a unique and captivating color combination, consider a purple and green wedding! These two colors complement each other beautifully, and there are endless possibilities for incorporating them into your big day. Here are seven inspiring ideas for a purple and green wedding that will make your special day unforgettable.

1. Lavender and Lilac Bouquets

Lavender and lilac bouquets are a stunning way to incorporate purple into your wedding. These delicate flowers add a touch of elegance and romance to your big day. Pair them with greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, to create a beautiful contrast. You can also add some white or cream-colored blooms to balance out the colors.

2. Grape and Olive Centerpieces

Grape and olive centerpieces are a unique and unexpected way to incorporate the color scheme into your reception decor. Cluster grapes and olives in a glass vase or bowl for a simple yet stylish centerpiece. Add some candlelight to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can also add some greenery like ivy, ferns, or succulents for a natural touch.

3. Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Emerald green bridesmaid dresses are a bold and beautiful way to incorporate green into your wedding. This rich color looks stunning on all skin tones and pairs well with purple accents. Plus, your bridesmaids will love wearing a dress that they can wear again and again. You can choose different styles for each bridesmaid or mix and match different shades of green.

4. Purple and Green Wedding Cake

A purple and green wedding cake is a show-stopping centerpiece for your reception. Opt for a simple white cake with purple and green floral accents or go all out with a multi-tiered cake covered in purple and green fondant. Your guests will be impressed by the stunning and delicious dessert. You can also add some fresh flowers and greenery to the cake for a natural touch.

5. Lavender Signature Cocktails

Lavender signature cocktails are a fun way to incorporate the color scheme into your bar menu. Serve a lavender gin and tonic or a lavender lemonade for a refreshing and Instagram-worthy drink. Add some purple or green garnishes for a finishing touch. You can also serve some green tea or green smoothies to complement the purple drinks.

6. Grape and Plum Table Settings

Grape and plum table settings are a sophisticated way to incorporate the colors into your reception decor. Pair plum-colored linens with grape-colored napkins and gold flatware for a luxurious look. Add some greenery, such as a eucalyptus garland, to tie everything together. You can also add some purple and green votive candles for a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

7. Greenery Wedding Arch

A greenery wedding arch is a beautiful and natural backdrop for your ceremony. Incorporate purple flowers, such as roses or hydrangeas, into the arch for a pop of color. Your guests will be in awe of your stunning ceremony setup. You can also add some fairy lights, hanging candles, or paper lanterns for a magical touch.

A purple and green wedding is a unique and captivating color scheme that will make your special day unforgettable. Incorporate these seven inspiring ideas into your big day for a celebration that is both beautiful and memorable. Remember to keep your content search engine friendly by using relevant keywords and phrases throughout your post. Some examples of relevant keywords for this post could be “purple and green wedding ideas”, “purple and green wedding decor”, “purple and green wedding inspiration”, and “purple and green wedding color palette”. Happy planning!

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