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10 Creative Ways to Incorporate Red and Gold into Your Wedding

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How to Incorporate Red and Gold into Weddings

Cover Credit: @junebugweddings

A wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. Choosing the right color scheme is crucial to creating the perfect atmosphere and ambiance. One of the most popular wedding color combinations is red and gold. Red symbolizes love and passion, while gold represents wealth and luxury. In this blog post, we will explore 7-10 red and gold wedding inspirations that will make your special day unforgettable.

1. Red and Gold Invitations

The invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will have of your wedding. Setting the tone with a red and gold invitation is a great way to create excitement for the big day. Consider using a metallic gold font on a red background, or vice versa. You can also add some sparkle with gold foil accents.

2. Red and Gold Bridal Party Attire

The bride can opt for a traditional white gown with gold or red accents, or go for a bold red wedding dress with gold embellishments. The groom and groomsmen can wear black suits with red or gold ties, or even red or gold vests. The bridesmaids can wear red or gold dresses, or mix and match with one wearing red and the other wearing gold.

3. Red and Gold Ceremony Decor

For the ceremony, consider a red and gold backdrop with flowers and greenery. Use red and gold ribbons to tie chairs together, or line the aisle with red and gold rose petals. For an extra touch of elegance, add gold candelabras with red candles.

4. Red and Gold Reception Decor

The reception is where you can really make a statement with your color scheme. Consider using red and gold tablecloths, or opt for a white tablecloth with red and gold table runners. Use gold or red chargers, and add gold-rimmed glassware. Red and gold centerpieces can be created with flowers, candles, or a combination of both.

5. Red and Gold Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is another opportunity to showcase your color scheme. Consider a white cake with gold accents, or a red cake with gold embellishments. You can also add some sparkle with gold leaf or edible gold glitter.

6. Red and Gold Favors

Favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding. Consider small gold or red boxes filled with chocolates or other treats. You can also opt for gold or red candle holders with scented candles.

7. Red and Gold Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fun way to capture memories from your wedding day. Create a red and gold backdrop, and add some fun props like gold crowns and red lips. Your guests will have a blast taking photos and creating memories.

8. Red and Gold Lighting

Lighting is key to creating the perfect ambiance for your wedding. Consider using red and gold uplighting to highlight certain areas of the reception. You can also add some sparkle with gold chandeliers or string lights.

9. Red and Gold Wedding Stationery

In addition to your invitations, you can also include red and gold elements in your wedding stationery. Consider using red and gold escort cards, place cards, and menus. You can also add some sparkle with gold foil accents.

10. Red and Gold Wedding Exit

Make a grand exit from your wedding with a red and gold send-off. Consider using red and gold confetti or rose petals, or even sparklers. Your guests will love being a part of your special send-off.

Red and gold is a timeless color combination that is perfect for a wedding. These 7-10 inspirations will help you create a memorable and elegant red and gold wedding. Remember to have fun and enjoy your special day!

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