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Rustic Burlap & Lace Wedding Decorations and Inspiration

rustic wedding invitations

With rustic style weddings on the rise, the demand for burlap and lace used in decorations has soared. Brides are getting more and more creative and using it for all matter of things. From invitations, to wedding favors and even table decorations, there is no limit to the use of these gorgeous materials.

 rustic burlap lace wedding inspiration decorations

Worried about the cost of these materials? Then worry not, there are so many cheaper alternatives on the market these days and they look exactly the same, so if you are planning to go down this road, make sure you do your homework first and try to get some samples first, that way you know what you’re dealing with.

lace and burlap wedding decorations

So how to master this look? It’s fairly easy keep things plain and simple! Make sure colors are always muted and that you stick close to a natural palette of white, ivory, cream, taupe and brown. Anything else and you’re bordering tacky.

burlap lace country rustic wedding bouquet

Use it in just about everything and on anything, favors, table decor, chair decorations, bouquets, invitations, cakes, the list is endless and you simply cannot overdo this look, it looks amazing whatever!  However without overwhelming you too much, here are a select few of our very favorite ways to use the burlap and lace combo.

rustic burlap lace white wedding invitations
Source: MJ on Pinterest

country rustic burlap lace wedding invitations
Source: Katie on Pinterest

chic rustic wedding invites with lace burlap details
Source: Kaitlin on Pinterest

lace and burlap mason jar wedding decorations Source: Ashley on Pinterest

wedding bride sign burlap and lace ideas
Source: Janet on Pinterest

rustic 2015 burlap lace wedding cake ideas

Gone totally gaga for this look, then here are some of our very own creations for rustic weddings 2014/2015, if there is a particular look, which you cannot find here, then feel free to contact us via [email protected] and with our handy design and customer service team, we’ll help you achieve the dream look you’ve been searching for.

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